Email Marketing for Fiverr Gigs


Recently, a friend of mine told me that it was a good idea to use email marketing for promoting a Fiverr account. Well, even though that friend hasn’t worked a day in their life, I kind of thought that it was a good idea and it might be really helpful to boost up sales.

But, the thing is, I want to know whether I can use that portal to advertise my Fiverr Gigs. I know that Fiverr has very strict rules, and a ban if you violate them, so I kinda want to know whether I’m allowed to use Email Marketing for advertisement…


Never send mass marketing emails to people who have not signed up for your newsletter, or have not given you permission to email them. Unsolicited “buy my gigs” messages (or emails) are considered to be spam. Never, ever, EVER spam people.

Using spam methods to promote your services is NOT marketing.


Sure. Thanks for the reply…


Your reply feels a bit ambivalent. I would hope you’re not just brushing off my advice. I’m not the only person who hates spam. The world hates spam. Spam kills reputations, destroys success, and does not lead to good things.

Seriously. Don’t even consider spam as a way to promote your services. Not a good idea.