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Email Marketing for gig


Hi guys, I was wondering if email marketing is a good approach for promoting my gigs? If yes please share any resource for doing that.


Email marketing is great but you might want to try social media. It’s easier to find your target audience and engage them.


I tried social networks but couldn’t get any potential clients


To do email marketing successfully, you need to have your own list of targeted opted-in leads. You’ll need a landing page, some sort of lead magnet to encourage prospects to sign up and of course an email service provider.

Please don’t even think about buying a list - if you do and use it, all you’ll be doing is sending spam. :wink:

Search Google for ‘email marketing’ to find out more about it.


I don’t know what kind of email marketing you mean.

There are only two kinds:

ones that you send ads to who you have done business with before, or who have opted in to your list


ones that you have never done any business with nor have they ever opted in to any lists of yours.

The first type is legal. There are laws against the second type, and your email provider can ban your account for sending large amounts of spam.

I definitely do not recommend email marketing for fiverr gigs.


I just wanted to try a new kind of promotion because I did most of techniques to promote my gigs and reach potential clients but it’s no use. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


If you want to be hated by every recipient, who doesn’t know you and receives an e-mail about your gig, then go ahead. It’s like steering the Titanic deliberately towards the iceberg.


you should share your link on different social media platforms hope it works. thanks


Thank you all for advising, if someone could review my account, I would appreciate it.


Already been given a lot of tips!


Having us “review your account” is not going to miraculously make it successful or profitable. It is YOUR responsibility to learn how Fiverr works, understand how to make your gig stand out from the competition, and develop the style, brand and content for your gig. We cannot do that for you.


Yeah, you’re right but it’s possible for newbies like me to make something wrong in the profile or gigs that would be very obvious to others that’s what I’m asking.


Post a request here: :slightly_smiling_face: