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Email message spam


Its not a bug,just a question how do I disable this email spam when I recive msg on fiverr ?


Hi, open any mail scroll down click on the unsubscribe button.


Is that just for messages,because I just wanna turn them off,not whole fiverr.


I thought did not want to receive any email from Fiverr.:slight_smile:


Go to your profile settings, choose notifications, and uncheck the boxes next to the type of the emails you don’t want to receive (inbox messages, order messages, order statuses).


Using the dropdown options on your ‘menu’ bar, select settings.

Then select notifications from the 4 options on the left. Then unselect the email notificiation checkboxes


@catwriter explained very well, go to setting under profile pic drop down, setting-notifications-select what you want to receive. That’s it.


Thank you i did it :wink: