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The last couple of days, my To Do list will say I have multiple emails or messages that I need to read/respond to. When I click on the link, there is nothing in my in box! LOL In fact, ALL of my messages are gone? I have 2 years of messages just vanished. Not sure what is going on, but hopefully those who are writing me aren’t getting annoyed with my lack of response!



I actually have the same thing…it states message and then nothing is there!


Yup - fiverr broke the messaging system. I had to read ALL my open orders to find the one that had an unread message in it. Thank god it was just a thank you acknowledgement. It took me almost three days to figure out what was going on. :((


AMAZING! See I knew something was up, and CS told me that I was essentially just imagining it! You know what, the Worst part was the fact that I had a buyer contact me with a confirmation for an $850 order, I GOT NO NOTIFICATION!!! So five hours later when I contacted him again, he had already found someone else to do the rush job.

I work hard for every $5 order that comes through, I spend more time than i should. and the first good order that comes along, Fiverr sabotages it.


Reply to @studio32: Hmmmm, Bad Luck


Reply to @wpfalcon: Can’t win 'em all!


That sucks studio32. I was finally able to see my messages today, and thankfully, none were time sensitive. Mostly people commenting on the reading and thanking me. I have to click a different link to see the messages though - when I try to click the link that says you have unread messages, it still takes me to an empty box. “Nothing to See Here”. I noticed they added some new buttons and such on the mail box, so maybe that is how it became corrupted. At any rate, I sent a ticket to support about my concern. I can only imagine how this would impact some of you who get a ton of messages daily!



When I get that message, I go to my inbox and look under all the categories. There’s All, Unread, Starred, Archived, Sent, and Orders. They’re usually in the Orders box, because now we get a message for each order. I’m glad to have separate mailboxes, but since I’m used to finding my orders in my To Do list, I don’t check my Orders messages often.