Email sharing issue


I am working for my buyer to upload source file to his cpanel thats cause I need access his cpanel. He use godaddy hosting. So I need delegate access that’s cause I need share my email to him. So I have a question now. I know Fiverr is not allow email share so how to I can share my email to my buyer for cpanel delegate access?


You can do that, as per the TOS
’Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the order page.’

This question pops up so often, that it would be an idea to do something about it; for example a pop-up stating something like: ‘Please note that it is against the Fiverr TOS to receive payments outside of Fiverr. Click here to proceed if you need this information (or if you are supplying this information) only for delivering the services that are part of this gig’. That would make it easier for people to understand the rights and limitations.


If you need to share your email address, you can do so only on the order page.

Just put a statement of something like this:
“Since my email is required for providing service for this gig, I am giving you my email address…”


You can ask customer support this question since this is important to get the answer directly from them.


Thank you so much. :slight_smile: