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Email SPAM. Please be aware

If you received a message that appears as if it was sent from Fiverr or its sellers, please disregard it. We have received reports of spam messages that were sent from unknown sources. Needless to say that they were not sent by us or our sellers and are completely unrelated to us. If you need help reporting this issue to the authorities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As far as we know this person is using contact lists of third parties and sending these kinds of emails to various audiences, including Fiverr users. By doing so, this person is impersonating some of our sellers and trying to cause harm to our reputation.

As you can imagine, this type of behavior is absolutely prohibited by Fiverr’s Terms of Service and Our Trust & Safety team will act accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to share with us any additional communication with this person.

We would also like to get the source of the email, so we can address this issue further. Please see the screenshot attached for instructions on how to retrieve it (gmail).

Once you have obtained the source of the email (copy and paste us the source), please also report the email you received as “Spam and/or Phishing”.


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Thanks for sharing the dangers. I actually never check my email. I only check notifications throught fiverr.

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Thanks for sharing the information.

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Thank you for your information. Your information will help me to protect my account.


Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us