Email Warning in Fiverr Inbox


take respect all my senior members and moderators. I have a question. I work in email marketing category. for this reason, i have to write “EMAIL” in the inbox. When I write an email word there it returns a live warning. I have already been alarmed by 1 Tos warning. My ques is here how can I communicate with buyers without Telling Email as e-m-a-l. I am tired of it.

Help Needed


Whatever you can do to avoid Fiverr TOS warning, please, kindly do it.


Have you tried, “e*mail?”


No… But i tried e-m-ail but fiverr told mebthat i am trying to trick…


No version of the word email should ever be in the Fiverr inbox. There are times that you would give or get that info during an order and then it’s allowed. (If it’s needed for order completion only)


Pretty annoying. I have to write due to my gigs “pay” and “money” several times. I would never want to take payment outside of Fiverr, I am happily paying the 20%. I am pretty sure there should be a better way to check on sellers who want to game the system.


It is a very difficult thing to (perfectly) automate it if you actually think about it :thinking:

Not even the most advanced programs/bots are able to identify the setting/context of a sentence with 100% accuracy. The only way is to manually check them… which is not a really feasible solution either.

But, yeah, it is pretty annoying. There’s no denying that. :confounded:


Your gig says email template so as the buyer already knows what your gig is about can you just not say “template” when discussing it.


It is ok for you to put your email when needed for a project, just do not communicate outside of Fiverr or try to accept/make payments outside of Fiverr and you’ll be fine.


Just use “mail” or “e,mail”


Don’t write email, write e-mail. You won’t get a warning again.

i have an e-mail writing gig, whenever I copy and paste the link I get a warning. I guess my link has email instead of e-mail.


I agree that it’s annoying that if you have an email gig, you can’t use the word “email”. I have dealt with this issue for several different email marketing gigs over the past two years. I usually use the word “message” or “e-mail” instead.


I work in web development category, and most often, the username of he website is the email.

I face these types of problems too. You can use some modifications on the order chat. But not in inbox


Should i contact cs for all this matter?
I dont want to deal outside of fiverr


Okay jamil vai,
Order chat is safe i think


No… Actually i want to stay transparent


I think i should write something to fiverr cs about this matter.
What you say.


CS can’t do anything about it. It’s a dev issue. It’s been a problem since day one. You have to learn to work around it.


Hi,use the word mailing address.


The concept of a “mailing address” and e-mail are NOT the same thing. :wink: