Embarrassing buyer's request ($1 for 750words article)


I have seen many times on buyers’ request when buyers posted request for 750 words article for $1 with allowing conditions of 0% plagiarism, 100% copyspace pass with unlimited revision. Funny indeed, you would see many offers. I know how long it takes me to write one article. Fellow sellers, how do you feel too?


Why even waste one second looking at that trash?


That’s exactly what I was thinking lol


The buyers’ request section is usually very sad.
I’ve seen the same thing in illustration categories, they want Blizzard levels of quality and the guy actually said ‘I’m offering $20 to get the best illustrators’ yeah for that quality start saving because it’ll cost at least $200 and you won’t find the artist on Fiverr. Another guy was offering $4, Fiverr starts at $5 that’s the lowest you should offer, ever. I won’t get out of bed for less than that.

But that being said, I found my very first client there and she still uses me today. Best client ever!


Actually such requests are from other Sellers who want to work as an agent between you and other buyers.

You better ignore such buyers and see legit people and try to make connections with them.

Hope this helps.


I don´t feel anyhow towards that, and the only thing I´m thinking really is ‘How tf do they plan to pay 1$ within the Fiverr system.’ Not even with a question mark, is how little I´m feeling towards it.


By buying 5 articles at once.


Ah, thank you, one less mystery to ponder. Okay, guess it´s a legit business plan then…


I had someone contact me once and offered $3 for 100 words because many words were repeated and those were the unique ones.

I said to them send me a list of your words and I will translate those for you and then you can plug it back into your document yourself.
The response was that I don’t appear to be serious or want to start a long-term business relationship.
I wished them luck in their future endeavours.


It is part of the landscape of freelancing. While I would pass, others may see opportunity. Aside from the fact an order must be $5, which makes that $1 offer null and void. I see that too. $2 for 500 words. Or they will only accept $5 bids for 1000 words. Like I said, some will find it an opportunity to get a sale.

I do find buyer requests hit or miss. But, I have gotten some great jobs and clients from them. I still use them.


They do it by saying 5 articles of $1 each


I discovered it is fiverr sellers that are doing those things


Honestly, I don’t even bother responding. I just skip them. Though it does boggle my mind to see people actually respond and accept those requests. I assume those are newer people getting established on Fiverr looking for positive reviews.


I’ve received request for Custom Offer at my old $5 rate. Sure weirded me out so much that I raised all my Basic gigs at $15 or $25. I really do not feel it was Fiverr’s intention for sellers to sell anything over something quick and fun at that rate. Bad Karma case closed. It would be Awesome to see more professional services of all kinds do this as well.

I experienced a radical slow down this week but also noticed some other Fiverr psychics and spiritual healing gigs doing the same.

My heart hurts for writers, graphic designers and other professinal creatives as many are so ridiculously talented.

I feel all of us here are worth so much more than $5. OK for Level 1 though…

I Pray Fiverr Evolves too and becomes more like Google (LOVES and fully supports sellers) rather than Amazon (harsh and competitive and largely for the buyer solving their “cost” problems) who is predating on so many in favour of dominatiing every niche possible, leaving devastation in its wake.

I do not wish to engage in a competitive marketplace only to be fed stale crumbs so am takng a baby step at bettering my work conditions here as best as I can. The 14 to 17 day waits for payment clearance just adds to the stress. I would like for that t be reduced to 7 days.


Wanted to add that I paid $750 in 2016 for two book compnay insignia logos this year and they were not here on Fiverr. Money I feel that was very well spent and in support of a solopreneur. Too bad she wasn’t on Fiverr. She couldn’t be cos the going rate is ridiculously low. $5? Fiverr has given me such a whirwind fast and GOOD education in productising. I also would have loved the buyer protections offered here. Something very helpful having the seller terms laid out the way they are in this unique venue. Very little room for miscommunication with terms and timing laid out from the get-go. Fiverr kudous for that!


Almost similar story. I had a buyer ask me for a 2d custom animations made from scratch to represent her story and the video should run not less than 2 minutes and was willing to pay me (30$)… I replied to her and said. “Yes I also think that clouds are fluffy pillows that people can sleep on without falling back to earth and have their guts splutter all over”


I mean, you can find a lot of stuff in BR…


What’s a Paypal money generator?

Ok, after typing this question, I pasted it in google and found out what they’re talking about.


I had a google too. I enjoyed the sales copy very much, with gems such as:

Get 9000 Cash per Day.

and right at the end:

All the Material in the Website is provided for your entertainment only and may not be construed as harmful advice or instruction.


I hope they fill in ‘Entertainment’ then and not ‘Finance’, when the requirements with ‘What industry does this order relate to?’ pops up.