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Embedding widget on my site

Just stopping by the Community tab here on Fiverr. I made my account a few years ago I think, but just recently started posting gigs and got my 1st two gigs and first 5 star rating yay! :smiley:

Curious? Is there a way to edit the profile pic that shows up on the embed that I’m configuring for my website? Looks like my old profile pic from Fiverr. Thank you.

Hey, do you mean the seller badge?


If so, the image source is the profile image.

In my case the embed never showed my profile image at all. Just the placeholder as shown above. I have complained to CS but got generic answer “working on it…” The ticked was closed as solved after month or two. But nothing changed, still grey person image placeholder.

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Oh no, guess I shouldn’t complain then sorry about yours not updating. I can’t even remember when I used the pic that’s on my embed but at least it doesn’t look broken :frowning: <3

I have the same issue. I have a very old adolescent picture on mine but I guess it is better than a placeholder.

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