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Embrace Fiverr and get what you want

I am seeing some articles about great tips for sellers (and they really are) but none of them tells about how being a “Fiverr” can really make things easy for you in a client and work force point of view.

The fact is that most of freelancers are working “with” Fiverr and not working “on” Fiverr. I am not saying you must send your curriculum to Fiverr but take Fiverr as your primary free work source, realize it’s power to take you somewhere. So, put the Fiverr t-shirt with your name on it and let’s start:

Using the Fiverr Logo together with your Gigs Banner is needless to say that potential clients will give you more credit since they know your commitment. Also, be a professional seller, even if you are just answering a quick question, make sure to:

  1. Start your response with something like: Hello Mr.Client.
  2. The words “please”, “thank you” and “always available” are a must do!
  3. After finishing the answer, give your final greetings and your name (and your nickname).
  4. Use the quick answers tool in order to build your professional base when receiving, offering, delivering or just answering basic questions (you will earn time and get happy clients).

Taking the etiquette aside, remember that the jobs will not rain! You must go fish on Fiverr! Everyday! Don’t say you can do what you can’t, learn to pass some job offers that you can’t fully get nicely done and once you find one: Be direct! And by saying that, I mean it! This is suppose to be an agile way to get freelancers! Just write what you need to. Don’t put your entire curriculum into the box! This is what your profile is made for!

Always answer you clients ASAP! Be polite and never argue in a rush way!

I wish the best for all Fiverrs and hope this help you a lot,
My best regards,
Arthur W
Fiverr’s Freelancer

Wow!!! Thanks a lot. Well I must say that I make use of some of the tips here, and in the past few days, I’ve been having an awesome experience on Fiverr.

Good tips. I would take care how you address a buyer or potential buyer. Client and customer are good words, but watch out for using Mr. or Sir if you aren’t certain of gender. Be careful also not to be too casual. Words like “Dear, Bro, Friend, Buddy” used in some cultures are only for people you know very well. One way to stay safe is simply to start out with a new person like:

Hello @methark,
Hello methark,

If you also sign with a name you want to be called, the buyer may do the same and that usually means you are invited to use that name in future conversations.

Just a suggestion!

Yes! Absolutely correct! Just use the Mr. or Sir if you are certain of the gender.

Being casual is a not to do as you said.

Thank you for the great insight! :smiley:

That’s great to know! I’m happy for you!

Anything you need, just give me a message!