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Emergency fiverr account


H, can anyone tell me how can i change fiverr account password without the phone verification because just 30 minutes before i lost my phone and i was using fiverr app same phone sim card also that same phone please help me fast.


If it’s asking something you can’t do, you should contact customer support. It does take some hours usually to get a reply from my experience, but if you write EMERGENCY in the topic, then who knows if you get priority.


I’m so sad I lost everything


Can you contact your phone service provider and ask them to disable your phone number and phone?

This raises a good question about what happens when you lose your phone with your fiverr app on it. I don’t think someone who finds the phone can change a password on your account or settings to withdraw money but they could do things to your orders and messages possibly.


Yes i was contacted my service provider then they verifiyed my details they blocked my sim card


yes that is why i want to change my password i dont know what to do


Can you get to a computer and go on vacation mode? This will stop messages from new buyers from coming in.

Do you have any outstanding orders?

You won’t be able to change your password without your phone. This is not the main problem right now.


yes i already on vacation mode


how i contact cs team asap please tell me


Did you contact your provider by email? You could attach it to your ticket to Fiverr CS, or if you contacted your provider by phone, you could ask them to send you an email about it, with your data, name and phone number, in it, to prove to Fiverr it is/was your phone number.

I fear the app doesn´t log you out automatically after a certain time either. I have all my important apps secured with fingerprint/password, so in case I lose my phone or it gets stolen, nobody can open my Fiverr app, mail or anything the like too easily. But that´s just an idea for your next phone, of course.

Sending a ticket is supposed to be the fastest way (but it still can take a while):

Another idea: you could ask support if they can let you change your password via the security question instead of the phone verification, I´m not sure if that´s possible technically, though, but asking doesn´t hurt.


I sent the mail to cs team but how much time it will take i don’t know.


Hi, thank you so much for replying me today i got my new sim card same number and my new phone:relaxed: