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Emergency hacking alert


A user name ********* send me a message with a project file “Project.exe”

Do not open it. Never open exe files. He is reported to fiverr and i hope people don’t get hacked by him. Beware!

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I got a worse one the other day project.doc with a nasty virus embedded in it. Still annoyed at myself for falling for it, but they were super clever :frowning:


Just curious, when you got the file, what kind of message was attached?
Anything that gave away signs/hints before you opened it, or was it something veeeery normal like
"Hi, I’m so and so, could you please check out the file and give me a quote?"


No. He is a scum.

Thats he said:

Him: Please i need you to create a website for my school project with this content.

Me: Hello! Yes my pleasure. Tell me about it.

Him: Here is the project content i want exactly run it and go through it[URL to sendspacedotcom]

“Me after i saw the file named as Project.exe”

Me: Project exe? What is this?

Him: Yes open it the content will open on your cmd

Me: You are reported to the police.

And then i flag him

An exe file opens a console command?? Seriously you don’t want to open this file.


My person sent me a file and the request looked totally normal - I didn’t open the first first, as he asked for a video (with a personalised request) and I said I just do voiceovers. So he replied and said, oh I actually want a voiceover, please check the file for details (called project.doc or something similar). So I opened it and a message came up saying this file is using an old version of Microsoft Word, click enable macros to see the contentse (and I was tired and clearly a bit dumb) and I clicked! Then I immediately realised what I had done when there was nothing on the doc and I realised that the message was actually an image.

I was SO cranky about it, thankfully Malwarebytes seems to have sorted it out for me…


The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago, I was given a link to visit their website and when I clicked the link, suddenly the Fiverr page pop out saying you must log in to continue, but the URL above was not


Don’t you people have anti-virus program on your computers? There are free ones. Your AVP should of automatically kicked in when downloaded an infected .exe, .doc or whatever else.


Oh dear, sorry to hear and thanks for the heads up to be more cautious and alert.


Who said i did? I’m not stupid.

exe files most of the times are made up programs by hackers.


This was fake fiverr page. They can steal your password if you type it there.


Yes, I was already aware of such tricks.


So be aware of it dear.


Sometimes, we cannot trust anti-virus, since they are bots and will kick the downloaded files even if it is not infected.


Maybe the dude made a vb program and wanted to convert it to js or something, a .exe is not necessarily bad, a .rar, .pdf or any other extension could have a virus too.
I use virustotal to check for virus, or my phone to open the file if I’m feeling lazy.


Yes, I am agree with you


Can you trust a guy who sends project files in exe opened by cmd? I don’t. Read the conversation i had with him.
Him: “Yes open it the content will open on your cmd”


As I said, I would scan the file first. Seeing a .exe and then immediatly assume he wants to break into your bank account, use your pc as a botnet, steal your nudes and use your vga for bitcoin mining is a bit paranoic, just ask him why Its a .exe and if he can send you a png or something. Telling him you are calling the police without asking for an explanation is not very professional. Maybe he is not sending you a virus, maybe he is just really dumb (there are a lot of dumb buyers).


What? omg. Ok… end of discussion


(There are a lot of dumb buyers) This is true.


A dumb buyer who send to a graphic designer exe file? So he is dump enough for me and would never work with him anyway if he is a hacker or not.