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I have created my account in 2013. But i wasn’t active. Recently i decided to focus on fiverr. So few days ago i logged in & created some gigs. But the impressions are very few. Now i want to know that just because of my account is old enough & there is no activity, i don’t get more impressions on my gigs?? please suggest me what to do & how to get orders?? Willing to hearing from you…



Actually impression doesn’t matter according to my opinion. Impression represents how many times your gig is shown in the page or how the Gigs page reacts to your gig. Try to concentrate on your gig development. Make eye catching title , descriptions. Use Buyer Requests section properly.

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Read these articles and improve your gig.

Do some research about other gigs in your category. Then build a competitve gig.


Thank you so much for your valuable comment. Definitely i m going to develop my gigs as u said. But in my buyer request section i got only 5 or 6 jobs. Is there any way to get more buyer request??


Thanks a lot… :slight_smile:


It depends upon your gig. If you offer a work which is most often needs to be done for the sellers they will order more and you will see their requests in the Buyer Requests section. So you need to make a gig similar to that category.


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