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Hi, Welcome all. My name is Emma and i am level 2 seller. I have lot of experience about fiverr.
I have struggled very hard to become a professional designer.
When i have started work, i have faced a lot of problems. But as time passes i learnt very much and now i am a well settled designer.
I am always here to provide you any tips about work.
Don’t hesitate if you have any questions. I will explain you everything very clearly.
Thanks very much
Best Regards
Emma :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, welcome Emma. Your name caught my attention. Have you considered getting a profile picture in place?


what do you mean? Sorry i dont get it.

I see you do have a profile picture that doesn’t show up on the forum.
We used to have someone else named Emma here.

i dont have attached yet.

Where were you born? China or Korea?

Emma doesn’t sound pakistani

Yes. Emma is my step sister. I think more details doesn’t look nice here. :disappointed_relieved:

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Yes its amazing but a true.:pensive:

I hope it’s all true. The last Emma we had in these parts didn’t play by the rules and well…


Don’t be a bad Emma, Emma. A lot of our hearts simply wouldn’t be able to heal a second time.



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Don’t cry, you are very welcome here. :slight_smile: I hope that you have fun participating in all our fun conversations… And sometimes the more off the wall ones.


Yeah! I hope, i will find a better place to learn and serve others.


Well, it wasn’t about banishing it was what i was feeling. And i was wondering actually. And i expressed sorry if i hurt someone emotions …

Welcome to Forum

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As far as I know it was for 6 month. I had contact with her via PM.

Thanks very much for your kindness. Hope we will face a good time in future…

Sorry, can you explain?

It was a reply about the other Emma. Doesn’t have anything to do with you.

That’s right. Just slap the poor girl to the side of the road and keep on driving.


I must admit, the moment I saw the title of the thread, I thought hey, she’s back!!!??? :rofl: