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Emoji Game For Disney Movies

In this time of Pandemic and stress, I thought to start a new topic to relax our minds.
This is an emoji game but this time (Disney Movie Edition) let us all recall our childhood. It is going to be very easy because it is meant to relax.

Rules are simple:-

  • One person will post emoji that will depict a Disney movie and others have to guess it.
  • NO Promoting of your Gigs or your Fiverr profile
  • NO stressful texts such as Covid-19 or not getting orders or other problems.

Here is the first one to start

:lion: :crown: Very easy


The Lion King. That was easy. :grin:

Yeah that’s right

Here’s the next one

:snowflake: :white_circle: :man: :man: :man: :man: :man: :man: :man:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.:grin: