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**emoji game round** 6️⃣ 🥸 ⛵️🔮

Nope. (20 characters)

It’s been a few days, so I’ll share a clue.

This place was in the news recently, for the wrong reasons. But aside from that, it’s generally an interesting place for tourists to visit. Plenty of interesting things to see.


Something heights? (I haven’t been following the news lately.)

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Nope, not quite.

Two words. First word begins with C.

Colonial Heights?

Congress Heights?

Those were two places were mass shootings happened recently.

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Good thinking, but nope.

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Happy birthday, @krheate!


Thank you @ahmwritingco!


Congressional Elevator. ( ? )
21 characters ( ? )

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Good try, but not quite.

Another clue: you will find Congress here.

Capital Hill? :thinking:


Bingo! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a nice shot of the Capitol Building.

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That is a very blue sky!

Okay… considering my last turn was apparently insanely hard, I’ll try to make something a bit easier.

:video_game: :construction_worker_man: :toolbox:

I agree - that is a nice pic. Possibly, too nice. Possibly, an edited pic to vendor post cards and other tourism memorabilia.

I am confused. Totally Confused !

Quote :
ahmwritingco wrote :
" Nope. (20 characters) "
End Quote.


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Lost track of days, forgot it was my turn.

Hint: It’s a YouTube channel.

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