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Hello everyone,

I was just wondering, do you think it is unprofessional to use an emoji or a smiley face when messaging your buyer? (while discussing their request)
If yes, then even if the buyer is a returning one and you have developed a somewhat friendship with them?



Usually for the first time conversations with buyer, i never use emojis.

Sometimes i use smiley one, in order conversation if i feel comfortable with the buyer.

And i use couple of emojis frequently with returning buyers because by the time they become comfortable


No, this is irrelevant.


I might use an emoji or two only when I am extremely comfortable/have built a good rapport with my client and/or when we’re sharing a lighthearted conversation :smile:

I don’t use emojis when I am interacting with someone for the first time as it might put some prospective buyers off :slight_smile:


It depends. If they have used emojis first, it might be acceptable if you use them, too.

Keep in mind, though, that some buyers who use emojis, especially if they use them a lot, are trying to manipulate sellers and get free services, faster delivery, or whatever else they want, but are not willing to pay for.


Yes, some of them indeed try to get a free service using :kissing_heart: lol

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Wow, :open_mouth: I would never use the :kissing_heart: emoji with anyone seller or buyer. I only use that with people I feel are good personal friends!


I swear if you go deep into my reviews, you’d find a review with it … (The buyer actually paid what I asked and even tipped me well…) but that emoji gets used by some buyers :neutral_face:

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Are you sure? I have never seen an emoji on a review. Well not the colored kind we use here. I have seen : )

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Hold on , I will take a screen shot if I find it =)


=) weird , no?


Emojis in reviews definitely look unprofessional.


I agree, especially kisses.


Maybe it is okay for buyers to be unprofessional and use emojis? :thinking:


With that mouth, better keep an eye on that buyer… :flushed:

You know the Little Red Riding Hood tale? :cold_sweat:

… “All the better to eat you with!”… :sweat_smile:

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Hahahaa =)
I actually don’t mind it, as long as they pay me what I asked for :stuck_out_tongue:
So, we are ‘friends’ as they suggested, but even my friends get to pay me for my time :sweat_smile:

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I can’t forbid them to do it, but I’m unlikely to think about them as professionals (and as soon as it’s combined with a request for any kind of favor, I’m thinking about not working with that buyer).

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