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Emojis in Gig description?


So yeah the title says it. I tried it. It’s “technically” not possible. There are sites who have a list of emojis which you can copy on your clipboard. I did that and pasted on the gig description. All worked till here.

However when you save & preview the description gets cut with the first entrance of the emoji.

What do you think about usage of Emoji in description?

Not that it makes much of difference or helps understanding the gig better but I just like to have a warm welcome wiht a few :wave::wave:


I have seen gigs with emojis in their profile descriptions, but I think they are not allowed in our gig descriptions.


I’ve tried copy/paste, unicode, various things. I got a check :heavy_check_mark: to work and that’s it. Emojis aren’t exactly the epitome of professional either.


Childish and unprofessional.


Nice way to try to discourage anyone from buying from you. People want to work with serious professionals.


When the others think it’s unprofessional, I’m using two " :wink: " emote on my gig and they’re pretty fine


@jerevalentino It’s not too obvious in your gig description but it does add to the impression you are young and not as professional as you could be. Not that being young is bad. :slight_smile: