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Emotes broken in quick responses

For some reason emojis stopped showing up in quick responses suddenly. I bet it looks weird when instead of a smiling face they see code like this:

"<span class="emoji emoji-sizer" style="background-image:url(/emoji-data/img-apple-64/1f642.png)" data-codepoints="1f642"></span>"

:joy: When editing a smiley face out of a response, I noticed there’s no emoji button anymore in the edit window. Perhaps that is the reason? If so, why was it removed?


I’ve seen someone else mention emoji problems. If they were take out, I would suspect that buyers complained about them being unprofessional. Some emoji choices could have been misused and some buyers don’t like “laughing” indications during a discussion. I didn’t mind the emojis much but I rarely used them in case a buyer might be offeded.