Employee Retention: What is done in order to retain sellers?


Hey Fiverr forum,

I will write my bachelor thesis on the topic “employee retention in the gig economy”. In this context I’m looking for ways to get in touch with both sellers and Fiverr (company). I believe that my research on this topic can be beneficial for everyone involved.

Who can I contact regarding this topic on company side?
What do you recommend is the best way to get in touch with sellers?

Thank you so much!

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Hello, we as sellers are not here to participate in things like this. My time is valuable. You could try buyer’s request for this but be prepared to pay for a seller’s time.

I doubt if any fiverr executives would have spare time to give you also for this.

I also doubt if anyone in fiverr, any employees, will give any details of employee retention at fiverr, as this is private company information.


Fiverr sellers are not employees. They are independent contractors.


I would suggest you reach out to customer support regarding getting in touch with a staff member.
They may be able to help with choosing a specific seller who has done similar to what you are asking for. Otherwise, just find a seller you like the look of and pay them for their time.


Be sure to ask them before you order so that it won’t be cancelled.


If that’s really the title of your thesis, shouldn’t you be interviewing Fiverr buyers, not sellers?
Also, the title of your post is self-contradictory; sellers are not Fiverr employees; Fiverr employees are permanent staff and thus technically not a part of the gig economy.


Pay them for their time. We are not here to play.


This OP never bothered to come back.


Thank you!
The RQ is not final yet, I will not only look at Fiverr but several other gig platforms too. Sellers are not employed by fiverr in a traditional sense, but fiverr has an interest in keeping you on the platform. The question is: can fiverrr use traditional tools for employee retention (compensation, insurance) in order to keep sellers (gig workers) on the platform.


I will do as you say and will create a buyers request or contact them directly, thank you!


Thanks for your reply! Yes you’re perfectly right! I didn’t do a good job explaining it. I want to explore whether tools used for employee retention (e.g. compensation, insurance etc) can be used or even modified in order to retain gig workers on fiverr and other platforms.


Thank you for the response! I will do that! Of course I’m going to pay for the help!

Have a great one!


Ah okay, it makes a little more sense now!

I’m not sure Fiverr is striving particularly hard to retain sellers though, because there’s just so many of them.

Examining the efforts made by modern business owners (e.g. fiverr buyers) who frequently utilise gigs and short-term workers, to ensure a long-term working relationship with contractors they like (a form of retention I suppose)- may be a more practical research question.

Anyhow I wish you the very best with your thesis! :man_technologist:


Great feedback! You’re right, looking at the buyer side and how they retain a “work relationship” with sellers by frequently hiring via Fiverr would be very interesting!

Thank you!


Fiverr is not an employer who seeks ways to retain sellers. If anything fiverr would like bad sellers to leave.

In the first years on fiverr it was a different story. Fiverr actively interacted with sellers and found ways to actively assist them in many ways that have since been abandoned, as the number of newer sellers has expanded exponentially.

Now there is a glut of sellers in all categories and fiverr has shifted its focus away from helping and encouraging individual sellers, to finding ways to promote the best sellers while discouraging the bad ones.

The ways that sellers are encouraged to stay are the benefits built into the site itself, such as having a platform that handles all aspects of self employment, website technology and support, advertising, payment processing, and marketing.

Fiverr does not offer employment benefits like insurance to sellers to keep them.
It has no need to try to hang onto sellers in this way like a traditional brick and mortar company.


Thank you! You mentioned a lot of insightful and helpful points! Especially that fiverr offers the platform (including handling payments and marketing) to satisfy workers instead of traditional benefits we know from brick and mortar companies. I wonder if sellers would conside using the platform more often if fiverr did offer something like an insurance throughout the duration that sellers perform gigs.

I will also try to find out how fiverr has helped sellers in the beginning of the company.

Again, thank you for the great feedback!


Offering global insurance is not possible, but…


Sellers like me who have always done very well on the site and are driven to do excellent work, and receive good compensation, don’t need any more.

Insurance would certainly be nice but how to offer that on an international site is a problem. How many countries are here on fiverr?


Wow, that’s interesting! Thanks for sharing!


Very good point. Having a steady and great income doesn’t necessarily require much more!
I think essentially any country has fiverr (or at least access to the website, despite a few exceptions maybe).
So this would also make it more difficult to create tools/methods that are interesting to sellers from different nationalities. One may favor an insurance, another may favor a steady income!