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You’ve already spent hours in the office thinking about how best to approach training for your employees…let me help!

I have over 5 years of experience designing employee training manuals/programs in the college environment from coast to coast within the United States. Some of the training manuals/programs I have created include the following positions/topics:

Mail Assistant Training–US postal services knowledge, confidentiality, distribution of combinations to access mailboxes,

Resident Assistant Training (college students)–FERPA knowledge, crisis response, diversity & inclusion efforts, peer-to-peer conflict resolution

Resident Director Training (full-time professionals)–positive networking strategies, inter-department collaboration building, facilities management

When designing manuals I take into account readability at all levels of leadership, organizational culture, accessibility needs of users, design, and of course deliver a product that is succinct and easy to understand.

If this peaks your interest, contact me, we can discuss the details. I am willing to redo projects until you’re satisfied for no additional costs!

Editing & Formatting under 30 pages= $5

Creation= $10+