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'Empty' messages in the app inbox?


I have the Fiverr app installed on my Android phone and received a notification from my inbox - I could see the sender’s name and the beginning of their message, but when I opened the app I can’t see the message itself, it’s just blank. I checked my email and there was no notification there like there usually is, and there’s nothing in the inbox on the website either.

This has happened twice today, so wondering what the problem could be - did the senders just delete the message after sending it, or was it spam that got caught and deleted? The one message preview I saw in my phone notifications didn’t look like spam but who knows!

Has anyone else noticed this?


Hello sometimes a users message may go to moderation if there are certain keywords mentioned, nothing to worry about, as soon as they have been checked they should come through to you.




Reply to @ozzieuk: That makes sense! Thanks for the info Oz