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Enable/Disable other pretty name to show buyers

Hello Guys,
If you really looks as buyers then you will see that all username looks weird. It should be be pretty. So if you can add option to enable other pretty name for the seller then it will be a great feature for the fiverr. Most of the sellers and buyers wants to change the name. There should be a option in profile which name would you like to show on gigs etc.

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It would’ve been helpful for some sellers but to be honest in few years I never thought to change my username. My name is my brand.

But I can also imagine it will be more difficult to catch users with multiple accounts on fiverr if they will allowed to change their username whenever they want.


May be you kept your username after long thinking but what about the users like us who kept the any name but after realizing that it’s awful.
username shouldn’t be visible. There should be a display name option. Even lots of popular site given options, which name would we like to show on profile.

Fiverr already offers new sellers the ability to create great usernames – when they sign up for their account. If you don’t like your username, why did you choose to use it here on Fiverr?


Nobody wanted to understand what I wanted to say. They just want to add their views without understanding anything.
This is not about new sellers, this is about the oldies. The seller who did the mistake. Have you ever done any mistake in your entire life? After making a mistake do you wanted to make it correct or not? Everybody did the mistake then there should be a way to make it correct. Most of the sites giving a option to choose what to display as a name on their profile. We are discussing here about features then why you don’t wanted the option to keep any name if don’t wanted to change your name then don’t do that. But users like me wanted that. Are you clear now?
Thank you :slight_smile:

You know, you agreed to Fiverr TOS while making account where it is saying that usernames are permanent and it can’t be changed.

How Fiverr would look if they enable that. One day buyers would see “PhotoshopExpert” as username and another day “LogoDesignGod”. And next day “SeoExpert”…


I am agree with you but it’s not going to be happen. We just wanted to correct mistakes that we did. If you are using Facebook then if once you changed your profile name then you can again edit it after 90 days only. Then we can avoid the case you told me.

Fiverr is not social website, it is business website. And, again, you agreed to TOS where it is saying that usernames are permanent.

Only way to “change username” is to contact support, disable this account and make new one.


Mistakes are part of the learning process. You chose your username when you signed up to Fiverr. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to shield you from the learning process. In addition, Fiverr is not likely to allow users to change their chosen usernames, because your username is part of your Fiverr profile page URL. It IS your identity on this site, and will be as long as you have your account. Changing it would be a logistical nightmare.


Hopefully people who intend to become sellers with their own business on fiverr do it with their eyes open, thoughtfully and with some kind of background that allows them to already have in their minds what they want to do, how to do it and a brand identity.

If someone hits random keys on their keyboard to sign up as a seller they need to sit down and think about if they really want to be in business for themselves.


Hi there @msdnsditlabs. Did I spell your name right, Oh yes I did, thank god!! :smiley: Hehehe don’t mind me. Welcome to the community and glad you took the step to join the big happy family.

No wonder, you want to change your username as it is indeed very difficult to spell stand-alone remembering… I see your new Fiverr colleagues already have given you great advice, so not much I can add to it. I just wanted to welcome you and wish you good luck!!:smiley:

Warmly, Humberto

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I can’t imagine the option to set a display name would cause major security issues, especially with the ID verification we have now. Everything would still be tied to the unique backend username and trackable in any case and there could be restrictions that it also needs to be unique and can only be chosen once (at least allowing people who have an unfortunate typo or who discover their customers have major issues spelling the name or whatever to choose a more convenient display name), or once a year, or make it a paid service, so people won’t change it just for fun all the time, or something. Most probably wouldn’t want to change their name more than once to correct a mistake anyway to not risk that customers wouldn’t find them back.

As OP said, many places allow for a display name, and big places too, so it can’t be too hard technically to implement it.

At the least, if that’s not considered an option, maybe during sign-up, it could be stated clearly that the name you type in is not (just) the organisational backend username but will be your one and only name, thus also display name, as many people are used to signing up with a backend name and then getting to choose a display name.

Also, it would be good if the name needed to be confirmed, like with passwords (I’ve even seen sites where there’s even no confirmation needed for passwords, I don’t want to know how many people need to use the recover password option right after creating an account because of a typo in their password ;)). I don’t remember how it was with Fiverr, quite a while now that I signed up but I definitely know there was nothing to indicate that the username you choose will also be your display name that everybody gets to see.

Fiverr might not want to go to the trouble of implementing a system for username/display name, of course, especially if they got more important (to them) things on their plate but since also for them, it would not hurt if everyone’s (display) names would not include such with typos or other mistakes/bad initial decisions, you can’t know, maybe they’ll put it on their “some fine day” list.


Thank god, someone exists in the world who can understand my idea behind display name. Other are opposing this do not know why they don’t want great and new feature. We understood that username can’t be changeable but fiverr can give option to display name.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks again that you don’t give more advice on new features for fiverr.

To be clear I don’t want to change username. I just want option to show display name on my profile for buyer. Username can’t be changeable.

To be clear I don’t want to change username. I just want option to show display name on my profile for buyer. Username can’t be changeable

That is a completely unnecessary feature. Your chosen username already identifies you here on Fiverr. I highly doubt the current format will ever change, since there is no functional reason for an alternate display identity (that would easily cause confusion for buyers).

You have an identity in your username. That is who you are on this site.

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Just like how some sellers use a picture of a beautiful woman one day, then a picture of a 40-year-old man the next day.

There are lots of multi-talented shapeshifters on this site.


lol. You know what is sad thing? That is actually true

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