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Encourage buyers to like us on facebook?


Hi guys,

I just want to know. I know that we can’t stay in touch with our customers via email (weird fiverr rule btw) so email list building/marketing is prohibited. I won’t argue and if fiverr wants it like this, then fine!

But what about encouraging the customer to like our facebook page? Can we do this? So i can promote my other gigs, stay in touch publicly with them and build a reputation & trust with them…

Is this doable? Or fiverr really doesn’t want us to keep in touch AT ALL with our customers by any way? I mean, it’s a win-win! Fiverr’s team gets many more orders and we do as well! Same thing for buyers, they LOVE getting updates about the stuff that they find interesting… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for answering me beeeelow,

Jimmy :wink:


Thank you madmoo (ang) for your kind answer.

This was exactly what i want to do, increase my sales by keeping in touch with my customers and tell them about what works and what doesn’t on fiverr. Also promote the fiverr blog when there is interesting stuff going on.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be allowed… Thank you again, i’ll start promoting my fiverr fb page to new customers :slight_smile:

Good luck with the sales and remain a QUALITY seller,


madmoo said: I'd also add that I don't ASK them to like it.

I think this is more a matter of you not being a "marketer" at your core @Madmoo. But for someone like @seontraffic and @anarchofighter who are marketers at our core, (and at this point I will speak only for myself) I wouldn't bother with mentioning the existence of something without "closing" and having a clear and bold call to action.

madmoo said: I give the link and let them decide.

I get a lot of those (email though) in my spam/junk folder... they send me links and let me decide...

kidding! 8-}


hmmm…it does say:

"To protect our users’ privacy, user identities should be kept anonymous. Requesting or providing Email addresses, Skype/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details (Other than your name) is not permitted.

All communications, information and files exchange must be performed exclusively using Fiverr’s messaging system."

Since Facebook is obviously outside of their messaging system and what we’re talking about here does fall under the category of communication/information, I think you’re venturing into a grey area here.

The marketer in me wants to put them into my orbit as well, but the long term contractor in me says that the language can be construed in such a way that it terminates a business relationship with Fiverr. You may want a specific, written opinion from them before you get too carried away.


Guys get this, I create Facebook fan pages for people and I don’t even have one for myself to promote my own Fiverr gigs! Trick, Missing, I and Am are words I would associate with me and nor necessarily in that order. Off to Facebook then…:slight_smile:


There we go now! All done! http://www.■■■■■■■■■■■■/pages/EHelper/461382507258294 FYI in case you would like to connect for updates on fiverr gigs!


Good point. Gone!


I know I hold a blog and facebook that I add stuff about fiverr on along with non fiverr things so I’m never sure if it would be allowed or not.


I could never incriminate myself, but depending on what service you offer on Fiverr, list building happens unintentionally (at first). :wink:

The money is in the list though. Imagine having 100 past buyers who loved your work…when you add gig extras or a new gig, wouldn’t it be nice to update them. Trust me, people do it. There’s always a loophole. #ijs

thefacebookgeek said:

I get a lot of those (email though) in my spam/junk folder... they send me links and let me decide...




Thanks for bringing this up! I think I may mention my facebook…

Oh by the way: http://www.■■■■■■■■■■■■/pages/Ceceliavo/227014920766812

NEW facebook just for my Fiverr stuff!


Wow thank you for all the feedbacks guys! And i’m happy for you Jo since you didn’t thought about this facebook fiverr promotion.

As for the facebook page for your gigs, i’ll try it and customize it to make sure it agrees with Fiverr’s TOS (policies). I’ll even write the Terms of use on the fb page and write down that it is strictly used for Fiverr.

I really wanna make a full time income on fiverr. I’ve seen people doing so and that’s really the only way to get recurring customers (a facebook page or twitter).

Oh! And by the way, twitter could be a great way to keep up with your customers as well! No email on twitter :p!

Talk to you later & wish me luck for my “full time income” on fiverr haha,

Jimmy :slight_smile:


I think it’s worth pointing out that Fiverr does allow YouTube expressly (as well as) Flicker expressly. Both has a way to create “membership” and customer bonding. I don’t understand facebook fan pages, so I don’t have one :slight_smile:

(PS Gig providers, I’m not sure I want one either LOL)

But it “feels” the same to me.


@oldbittygrandma “But since this thread, it’s been revealed that it’s not, so I will be all over it now,”"Twitter is allowed too?? WOW!! This is even better!!"

That is simply not true. People are merely making their interpretations and saying that they should and maybe are, doing it. That doesn’t mean that Fiverr agrees. For those of you doing significant income here, you should proceed cautiously and ask Fiverr directly for written opinion and not take anyone else’s opinion as fact.

It only take a few minutes to ask before you make an assumption that could wreck what you’re doing here.

It’s always been fine to drive in customers from elsewhere to your gigs. I don’t think that they’ll be fine with you taking customers that they developed within their system and drag them back out into your orbit though.

oldbittygrandma said: ya think?

Me? No. Never. =)


Reply to @whatweb: Great comment! That’s why I’m working on building a mailing list prior to being directed to my gigs.


Nice update