End of 100% Fiverr Reviews


Fiverr End of 100% Fiverr Reviews
Anyone can now hurt your Fiverr Positive ranking.

A person ordered on my gig, after receiving delivery he accepted it and gave me 4 stars, I contacted him if you didn’t like delivery cancel the order I will refund you, he didn’t reply…!

So after this, I contacted Customer Support, and they said they can cancel the order, but the review will remain on your account even if you refund and cancel it.

This really sucks I mean Anyone can order on your gig…and give whatever rating, and after that, even u want to refund you can’t do anything to deal with this bad review.

End of 100% Fiverr Reviews



i didnt face this before well its new for me


Why would you want to refund? You did the work you deserve to be paid! 4 stars is still a great review.


5 stars > 100$
Its our rating that helps us to get new orders, we can’t compromise on 4 stars after working day and night. Even if buyer didn’t like final delivery Fiverr should give us an option of refund and cancel the review. Didnt we deserve that?


You can still refund the order but the review will stay. It’s the reality! The review should be based on the overall experience. Too many sellers were abusing the review system to maintain their 100% rating. This new change will help sort out the bad apples. I personally think if you are a honest and qualified seller you don’t have anything to fear about.
Again, a 4 star review is still great!

You can still request for your buyer to change the feedback by going through the resolution center.


I find it quite amazing that sellers who offered refunds to ensure bad reviews were removed are surprised that this option was removed. These sellers were costing Fiverr both revenue and reputation and Fiverr needed to act to stop this. The number of these cancellations had seemingly reached epic proportions, judging by how many people are complaining about the great decision to end this.
Not only were these sellers hurting Fiverr, they were hurting other sellers too as buyers were deliberately leaving bad feedback to ensure a refund. It happened quite often to me, buyers who would attempt to cancel almost immediately after delivery, when they could not have even checked the work. Had a couple removed but my only two negative reviews are IMO, failed attempts to get me to cancel.
Since I put that I don’t refund/cancel after delivery in my FAQ’s I have not had an issue with this but the removal of this option is a much better move towards eliminating those kind of buyers.
If you do the work according to the gig description then you deserve to be paid. Do good work and you will generally get good reviews. There will still be occasional “bad buyers” but such is life…


Hello, I wouldn’t cancel and refund for a 4 star review even if we could do that.

No it’s no longer allowed to do that. A 4 star review won’t hurt your sales.


At last we will see some less than 5 star sellers… I believe overall >4.5 is good rating… Fiverr is only platform where I see every second seller with 5 stars…


Sometimes Sellers over expect a 5 Star rating too much. What if the overall experience was not worth a 5 Star , even though u delivered the work? When buyers give you less that a 5 Star rating don’t be troubled , shake off the dust and move on , don’t refund , you are not here to work and be paid in 5 Star Reviews ( I’m aware of the importance on Rating). Would you refund $350 Order because they gave you a 4 Star? If not then $5 is also important.


It will take a while, but in the long run this is likely to improve the site overall and help sellers to remain paid for work done. For a very long time sellers felt pressured to maintain 100% perfect ratings which just isn’t good. No one can please every single person at all times. When you look at movie reviews, books reviews, Yelp reviews you will likely consider anything from 4-5 stars to be excellent. If 5 people hated their haircut but 300 loved theirs, a barbershop would still have a good rating and plenty of customers would go. This expectation of perfection and 100% reviews needs to stop.

What will happen in time is that sellers here are going to get a few lower reviews. Many will get at least 1 or 2 late cancels and 1 star reviews too, since everyone occasionally has a complete emergency and cannot get to a computer. Once this becomes normal and the average excellent seller has an overall 4-5 star rating, the site will be better. The sellers who are now providing terrible 2 start work will get 2 star ratings and have to make changes or leave. In the past, way too many sellers did bad work and pleaded with buyers to accept bribes and refunds in turn for 4-5 star reviews or no reviews, so those bad sellers are still here bringing the whole thing down for everyone.

If your service is good, don’t worry. You’ll be able to maintain over 4 stars and CS will still work with you on cases where a buyer is completely wrong. In the meantime, you will get to keep your money for work done and the buyer can leave their honest opinion. It feels very scary now, but it will be a relief in the future to know you don’t have to sacrifice your money to keep a perfect rating. We aren’t perfect people. End of 100% reviews can also mean end of 100% high pressure stress. :slight_smile:


Come on…buyers abuse it as well. I lost track how many times I delivered a gig and a buyer modifies it and says they want something other than what the gig was agreed upon. If you don’t do it, you are in for a low rating even though you done the required work. Some buyers are even more direct and say outright if you don’t do as they asked after you delivered what the gig called for, they will rate you poorly.

The abuse goes both ways.


4 stars is not the end of the world, especially if you have other 5 star reviews. You will get past this. I theorize that some buyers hit the stars the wrong way from time to time. Sticky fingers are a dangerous thing.


Try to get five stars to those who have left less than five stars. :slight_smile:



A five star rating is more than just the quality of work you provide. Customer Service, excellent communication, and building a repertoire with your client is what works for me. Talk to them about their project and show an honest interest in their business, it definitely helps. If you just do the work and deliver it, even if it’s stellar, communication, joking around with them if they have a sense of humor, and showing an interest in their project goes a long way.



Good thinking there, could lead to a new breed of gigs too: I will re-photoshop photos that only were photoshopped 95% perfectly, I will re-translate translations that were done 80-90% perfectly, I will re-proofread texts that still have 2% typos, I will send you the same file you had done already back without any changes because the work itself was 100% perfect, but with 100% purrfect communication too, …


yeah I really think that we need to learn how to live with it.

if a review is a positive one, it’s not that important whether it’s a 5 or 4 star one.

but it would sure feel nice knowing that CS still had our backs against malicious attacks.

we’ve all been there I think.


Your post made me happy sad. If you always expect to get a 5 star rating how will you ever know when you make a mistake?? Why were you willing to offer a refund in exchange for a 5 star rating, hell if you tried to offer me a refund so that I can bump up your rating I would lower it to 1 star. You need to accept it and move on, you can’t expect you rating to stay 100% forever



I feel the new system helps make sellers improve their service but at the same time dangerously empowers some troll buyers