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End of my Fiverr Career

Hi there,

well, I think, my Fiverr Career is over.

I started very well. I had multiple orders even from the same person. 5 stars were on.

One day a guy contacted me and asked if I can help him and her girlfriend with advice. I accepted it, cause usually, I’m good at this.

We’ve started a conversation on ■■■■■, text only. Then he started to send me pictures of his girlfriend and asked me to tell them how do I imagine the girl showing off via webcam to another guy.

I think, that I’m not a conservative person, but when it started to get in a ■■■■■■ direction, I stopped them. They wanted to send me more pictures of the girl naked, and I refused it. So before any trouble, I stopped the session at about 50-55 minutes instead of 1 hour.

After this they gave me 1 star, even they were absolutely satisfied with my help during the session until I refused the ■■■■■■ and naked part.

Now I have 3 stars on average, and since then I do not get any request.

On the other side, I cannot bid for any customer request, cause I’m under 90% rate.

I hope, that this cannot happen too often here, and only myself had this “luck”.

I’m sorry, cause I loved working on Fiverr.


I think you should not ene up here people worked hard to get on that stage where u r so carry on with the same courge and help us like new comers to boost themself kindly let ne know how should i start as a new uses because i just signed up

You could have requested to cancel, eg. through CS. What they were doing was probably against the TOS, and if it was, CS would probably have cancelled it without it affecting your stats if you’d asked them.


I think that you need to have some common sense and not chat with people on s**** about orders.

Oh I see you had a life coach gig:

The session was going well at the beginning, but all of a sudden he couldn’t help us further, and abruptly ending the convertation with 10 minutes still left. If you advertize that you’ll be another person’s “life coach”, at least keep an open mind and be respectful of other people’s beliefs. Otherwise you’ll come out as an incredibly rude “coach” unworthy of the title.

This is exactly why whenever anyone says we need live cam chats with clients it’s going to be a disaster. As a life coach you need to be aware of things like this and expect this to happen any time someone wants to chat on that program with you.

You can expect more of this with any gig like that.

You are awfully naive for a life coach to not realize this. I can’t believe you couldn’t foresee this.


So basically, you ha a Skipe session with a perv.

Simply write in your review of this person that they tried to use a life coaching session to get their rocks off and are clearly a very disturbed individual.

Going forward, mention in your FAQ section that you record all calls for safety reasons. Next time something like this happens, make your buyer famous for all the wrong reasons on YT or Reddit.

As for whether your career is over, I’m a firm believer that all life coaches should be exiled somewhere outside of the solar system. That bias aside, I’d say it is unrealistic to expect to build a career as a life coach on Fiverr. I might be wrong, but I just don’t see it happening.

Focus on your other gigs and keep on experimenting with diversifying what you offer.


If he welcomes perv’s to chat live with him he could have a new niche. A life coach for the frustrated man. Obviously there is a large market to be tapped.

A poor review is no reason to give up, but I would reconsider your gig choice if you honestly didn’t see that this buyer was trouble.