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Ended my Express!


Well… I did it. I decided to give up my Express Status instead of suspending my voiceover gigs every weekend. Do you ever have the ability to get it back again? I feel like I’ve lost and gotten it more than once when some of my voiceover gigs first started.

I’m still pretty high up in the ratings, and nearly always show up in my catagory when you hit the “video” search… so wish me luck Fiverr friends! I just kept feeling like I was losing customers by being “away” over the weekend, even though I am nearly always available to communicate.


Don’t worry about losing the express status. As far as I know once you go over the 24 hours the express tag is gone but it definitely won’t lose you customers. I know I took my express tag off almost 3 weeks ago and my business is busier than ever. :slight_smile:

You’ll be fine Kiff!


To clarify… I got my express status on my main gig almost immediately. Sweet!


Express delivery I think certainly gives one an advantage over others. I personally try to make it a point to deliver every gig as quickly as I can.

I have heard that lengthening the delivery is better than suspending one’s gig as far as staying up in the search goes. I would like confirmation on that if anyone knows.


@kuzzmedia – I don’t know exactly how it all works. I have a gig, my primary one, that I have been putting on hold every weekend while I’m out of the studio. I kept having to answer emails all weekend wondering where my gig was. So last weekend I decided to give up the express status. After completing my weekend and Monday orders I decided to change it back to a 1 day turnaround… and it went back to Express status. One of my other gigs did too.


It happened to me, I even sent a mutual cancellation request, he just declined that:( and bang, express tag is gone.