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Ending unsolved tickets

This is really crazy.

I have had an issue that is one-month old. Fiverr CS has just ended my unsolved ticket.

I used to use a friend’s paypal email. And he used to send the withdrawal activation links sent to his paypal email.

I wanted to change my Paypal email and the CS asked me for the links I used to use to withdraw my money.

I clicked on the links to know where the would lead to and bam all the money was sent to my friend’s account.

He refunded the money but Fiverr kept repeating that they don’t accept refunds. However, his paypal is empty. So, how come!!!

Now, primarily , this is the agent’s mistake. I’m no technical expert to know that withdrawal links are always valid. If they were, why would paypal send the same link every time. Such links are usually different. The agent should have warned me before asking for it.

This is over $100 and I worked hard for them. It’s not fair that I just l forget about them just because some agent didn’t know her job well.

I’m extremely furious and I want my money back.