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Endless excitement


I am newbie here. I got my first sales and earned more than one gig! :smiley:
Now I am very excited. For this excitement I can not sleep. I woke up several times to check Fiverr.
I think if I sleep who will reply to my buyers! :stuck_out_tongue:

I will share more stories next time.

Dear Fellow, you can also share your experience when you were newbie.
Thank you for your reading.


Congratulation to get your first sales. Hope Your journey will be so good.


I remember the feeling and had the same constant question, what if someone from another time zone sends me a message when I am asleep? It did cause me to check the app way too often during the day and night. Here is the reality. If you are too tired from staying awake and waiting for the orders, who is going to do the work for the orders you actually get?


I definitely remember those good days !
Could sleep, had to check fiverr every time, before the app was even available…
Still an addict to it, but now with moderation :wink:

Congrats man, keep up the good work !


Congratulations and I can understand the excitement and nervousness. The sleep thing, soon you will be able to reply to you buyers in your sleep :joy: and you wouldnot know you will sign orders with them and will realize it when you wake up.

For newbie, you should send all 10 buyers request everyday and try to stay online to catch the new buyer request as soon as it is published.


I wake up whole night just to make replies because I usually get messages in my sleep time (99%):stuck_out_tongue:

What I do with my life:slight_smile:

I’m happy, though :wink:


Thank you. @smsnobin77 :slight_smile:


Almost same situation and feeling @eoinfinnegan To sum up we can say, we need 6-8 hours proper sleep to get more energy for work. I also try to maintain sufficient sleep. Thank you for comment. :slight_smile:


WOW! I see you experienced same as mine.
I also use Fiverr apps to reply.
Sometimes buyer send this type of message in night "I will get back morning to purchase your gig."
Almost 2 days gone he don’t came back. :slight_smile:

That’s another reason to wake up!


Thank you.
I sent buyers request only when their requirements matched with my skills.


@onyourservice1 Keep in mind… our body is not machine. So, maintain 6-8 hours sound sleep.
It’s your life…color it! :slight_smile:


@webdivine I do but in day time :stuck_out_tongue:


I go to sleep when my another family members wake up. Interesting :slight_smile:


Congratulations. Your first sale is always very exciting!


Yes. @lloydsolutions First sales is like “First Love” :smiley:

Thank you.