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Endless revision loop


I was contacted by a buyer to help on a programming function that would create a data frame. I sent a custom order in the chat, asking for more than the standard $5 and even sent a screenshot to prove (buyer’s idea) my function was working as it should. The buyer then wrote in the chat, under the custom order, that he wants extra help analysing the data and then went and accepted the custom order above. Now the buyer claims I agreed to help with this extra task too, although it’s clear from the conversation that this was never mentioned, until after sending the custom order. Now we’re stuck in an endless revision loop, where the buyer asks for a revision to include this extra work I never agreed to do, and me sending the original code.

The conversation is becoming more and more ridiculous too. He/she claims this extra work was mentioned and I agreed and got confused, although I have access to all our messages and it was never mentioned. He/she also posted details about this extra work in the order page, after accepting, and can’t understand why this doesn’t mean I’m required to do the extra work. Also, claiming I charged too much since the function is only “a few” lines more to his/her attempt and wants to cancel and place an order for just $5. Finally, claiming I originally sent an order for $5 and once he/she mentioned the extra work I went back and increased the custom order price, like that’s possible without creating a new custom offer.

Customer service is not helping, as they can’t force a buyer to accept an order so I’m certain I just won’t get paid and the buyer will get free work, as I don’t see this ending in any other way than cancelling the order. I’m just posting to see if anyone else had similar experiences and how you dealt with it or offer any advice. Also feel free to have a laugh at my situation, life is too short anyway.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:


In very rare cases customer supports go in seller side but they never force the buyer to release the payment, So forget this point. However, you can ask the buyer to increase the price of the order if he needs extra work or revisions. Or just cancel this order with the help of customer support. Because this buyer will never end the revisions.

Yes I have some experience in past and I Fiverr gave me money for my work as Fiverr compensation, I proved my work completion and I know the way actually how it can be proved :wink: .

We are not here to laugh on anyone here, We are just here to guide other sellers so never mind, Anyway when you allowed then I can smile a little bit :grinning: :sweat_smile:
Only remember these points:
Communicate with the buyer and request him/her humbly to accept the order and show him that the agreed work has been done.
If he/she does not agree to accept the delivery and you already delivered the order then don’t provide any further revision and ask the buyer to pay for extra revisions.
If he/she does not agree to pay for extra revision then don’t provide any further revision and and don’t deliver it again and also don’t cancel it.
After some time the buyer will get tired or customer support will cancel the order on buyer behalf. Then it will be your time to reach out the customer support and show them with the screenshot and prove it to them that the agreed work has been done and why Fiverr cancelled it. Prove your work completion and ask them to give you compensation for the work that you have done.
At least in this way you can get the money for the work that you did.
I hope this will help you.


Thank you for your very useful reply. I wasn’t aware of Fiverr compensation, but I’m glad to find out something like this exists.

Fiver compensated you? That’s incredible, nice work! You’ve got to share now, at least a little bit more… how did you manage to get this? Maybe it’s just me but I’ve never heard of a seller getting comp!

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It’s still baffles me that CS never sides with sellers on this stuff when 90% of the time it’s the buyers fault. It also seems they could easily just read the chat and determine who is at fault. I think part of the problem is they just don’t have enough power on the backend to administer amicable solutions. For example, many times a compromise of sorts works well in de-escalating contentious situations. For example, the ability to issue partial refunds or cancel out parts of orders (like gig extras) without an order cancellation would be helpful, but CS doesn’t have the ability to do this which makes for many situations that are lose/lose. Unless it’s super obvious that you delivered exactly as you were asked and they just not accepting the order for the sake of being difficult or trying to scam you, they probably don’t want anyone to feel like CS just straight up took their money.



I can’t share my experience in more details here :wink: .
Anyway just be a little smarter and you can defeat the scammer’s buyer or at least you can get compensation from Fiverr for the done work.

Never mind ,

Now you are aware :slight_smile:

Yes just be smarter than usual and give the proof of the work done. Hopefully, you will get fiverr compensation

I think it is a clear misunderstanding, especially if the buyer isn’t a native speaker.

And because you didn’t cancel the order or say “no” to help analyse the data… you can’t fault the buyer to a whole hundred percent.

That being said, there is a fine line on what you can do… out of goodwill. I find some comfort from this thread…

Unfortunately we cannot step in and cancel this order. It seems your seller has delivered according to his/her Gig title/description. Please keep in mind that as stated in our Terms of Service that orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.

So you can just play the waiting game and not accepting the mutual refund. It will be a negative review, you will have your chance to feedback… and no one will be happy.

Yes. I had a similar experience. And it was a a huge order too. In the end, I just asked to cancel the order and he went away with free work. After that experience, I raised my prices because I read on the forum that most scammers usually go for the cheaper gigs. It seems to have worked :slight_smile:

That’s a really good point to keep in mind for the future, I should have cancelled the order straight away when he mentioned extra work never discussed before, on the order page. Also, looking back there were a few red flags I shouldn’t have ignored, such as having an account for 5+ years and no reviews. Makes me wonder if he/she regularly cancels orders or leaves no reviews to avoid receiving one.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll try it :slight_smile: