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Endless revisions for gig

I have a singing gig which starts at $5 and one revision. If anything is complicated (extra vocal tracks, lyrical input, video) then I’ll speak with the buyer to work out a suitable price.

A few days ago someone requested the gig and I delivered. He then decided he didn’t like the lyrics he’d originally sent, so he requested a revision. After I delivered that he requested yet another revision just for a small change which I submitted last night, but woke up this morning to ANOTHER revision request. The gig now says I’m late to deliver it. He only had one revision available so I’m confused as to how he’s able to ask me so many times to redo it, and there’s nothing I can do to reject it.

I don’t mind singing something for $5, but I do object to singing something 4 times in different ways for $5 (of which I’ll only ever see $4). I know there’s not really anything I can do in my current situation except suck it up and re record, but is there anything I can do in the future to prevent this from happening? Is there a box I need to tick for my gig that says “do not allow additional revisions”?

I know “the customer is always right” but I always feel on this site that the customer can sort of ask for anything they like and Fiverr sides with them. I’m always learning on here though so any advice would be appreciated!

Sorry for ranty ramble. I’m so frustrated this morning partly because I like the project and like the buyer and it’s just got me anxious because I assumed I’d have it out the way before my day job today but now I’ll be worrying throughout my shift about getting it done.


So, essentially, this buyer exploited you to get 4 different songs for 1 price.

What you should have done when they sent over new lyrics was tell them that the Gig they ordered was for the lyrics initially sent - and send them a Custom Offer for $5 or whatever to sing this NEW set of lyrics.

Imagine if this buyer is a reseller and keeps coming back to ask you to sing a new song over and over - and is selling your services (well reselling) them for twice or more what you charge and you are doing all this work for free?

Well, in your buyer’s eyes, you seem OK with singing something 4 times in different ways for $5 because you DID!

Get THAT notion out of your head. Do you really believe in this instance THIS customer is right? Of course you don’t if you are annoyed by them asking to redo something 4 different ways.

HERE is where YOU should have taken control. You may need to put something in your Gig description or Requirements page that you will NOT re record or revise your delivery if they decide they want you to sing something completely different.

If someone ordered one thing from me, then decided they really would rather have another, I would let them know that that is fine, but, that they would have to pay for a new Gig (send a custom offer) as what they want now is completely different, and you have to start from scratch.

You aren’t revising anything in this case - revising means taking the original order and tweaking it a bit. No, you are being told to start anew.

Not cool at all of this buyer! They know you are relatively new and are taking advantage of it.



Thank you so much for your response, it was really helpful! I’ve added to my gig that it is the buyer’s responsibility to send accurate requirements. Next time something like this happens I’ll do what you said and explain that they’ll need to pay for a new gig.

I’m still confused as to how the buyer is able to keep requesting new revisions since he only got one with the gig he paid for. To be clear these are proper revisions in the gig, not just him sending me a chat message asking for changes to be made.

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Even if you offer only 1 revision, some buyers will keep clicking the Revise button (especially ones like this guy who seems to think it is OK to have you work for free).

It is up to YOU as an owner of your business here, to put a STOP to their behavior, and any other buyer who comes along and tries this nonsense in the future. If this buyer you are having issues with now comes back again and asks you to revise this order by singing a new set of lyrics, you need to inform him that you have revised this X number of times, and that your Gig only offers X number of revisions, and revisions are not starting from scratch, but, as I mentioned above, tweaking the original order a bit - say you sung the song in a happy voice and they really wanted it to be more serious or even depressing - that is a revision - NOT, “hey, I got some new lyrics to sing instead!”

If I were you and this person tries to get a new set of lyrics sung (another revision), I would send them a Custom Offer for $5 or whatever you want to charge to do this with an explanation.

Stand your ground and do not let people walk all over you!


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  1. I’m a customer and I disagree with this statement.

  2. Recommend changing to “No Revision” (unless seller makes the mistake) & adding a gig extra: " Additional Revisions for $xx."

  3. Raise your price.

  4. Reason 5r doesn’t limit revision is due to inconsistent sellers. Ex.:

  • I got an article where the seller used both the metric and imperial. I rejected and told him to be consistent. He just changed meters to feet, well, 3 meters does not equal to 3 feet. He failed to convert. I gave up and never ordered again.