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Endless time for revision?

Talking from a buyer side.

I had purchased a gig service, and the seller did deliver the order within the deadline, but I request for revision as seller miss out on something.

So… the counting clock had stopped, the seller can take the endless days to deliver the work to me, as there is no deadline to be met.

I think Fiverr should have some deadline rules for the in-revision order.


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The responsibility to resolve an order in revisions rests upon the communication between buyer and seller. Be persistent, and keep the seller on task. If all else fails, contact CS. More often than not, a good seller will work to complete the revisions honestly, and in a timely manner. Bad, absent sellers risk a cancellation, and a drop in their stats.

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Yep, I had ask for the progress, but seem like the seller is ignoring me. But I don’t want to keep spamming the seller everyday, so the only thing that I can do it, wait for the seller to reply.