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Enduring the Fiverr Drought!

This is not a rant. It’s just a realization that the summer holidays that are upon us seem to be having some real effects on gig traffic. Some gigs will get more traffic, while others (like my school-related gigs) will suffer. Many gigs are somewhat seasonal, and it’s a good idea to be aware of this so you can make the necessary preparations. Maybe more marketing might be needed in the down seasons, or maybe it could be a better idea to focus on different gigs that might have more potential in that particular time.

Good luck, fellow Fiverrs!

P.S: Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? Let me know!


I have literally 0 orders in my queue. I’ve never had a drought like this before. Not only this but my gigs aren’t even placed in the Psychic search category.


Today’s the 10th, out of 10 days, I’ve had 7 without orders. Last month, it was 14 days without orders.

As a level 0, I’m pretty sure most of my gigs have disappeared from the search results. Yesterday’s order was from a former client, and it was a custom order.

So I don’t think my issue is the summer drought.


Just gotta tough it out. Sometimes you get 3 orders in a day, sometimes no orders in a week! I know the downtime is rough. Going through one myself. I’m beginning to wonder if Fiverr is seeing less traffic overall since recent months.


Just push through and keep doing as much marketing as you can. See if you can bring customers over to Fiverr. Waiting for buyers to find your gig makes you a sitting duck here, trust me! Usually, once you get a sale or two, your gig gets a boost, which can cause a nice snowball effect. Unfortunately, getting that sale or two is the hard part.


So glad it’s not just me. My impressions have dropped from around a steady 5k to under 1k. I’m getting no new buyers coming through this month, and it’s really been stressing me out.


Your definitely not the only one.

Chin up, I just sent someone looking for a FB ad copy your way! :wink:

Welcome to the club. I’ll also point out that as a level zero, you see why the current rating system is so flawed. Less search visibility means fewer orders. That means getting back to level 1 or level 2 like spitting in the wind everyday.

Thankfully, I’m able to treat this like a prolonged, well-deserved break at the moment. That and time to throw my oar in blogging and trying to flip sites on a crypto version of Flippa.


What is up with this summer drought, guys just because it is summer in your country, does not mean it is summer elsewhere?? People are buying all over the world?? :crazy_face: Don’t let a minor setback discourage you from not getting any sells. I think Fiverr is trying to give New sellers and Level-1 sellers a chance to pick up by clients as well. I think this is the reason why so many sellers have problems with selling their gigs at the moment. I think it is fair!!

Warmly, Humberto


Your book title gig is on the second page (search term: book titles).


People thought communism was fair until it happened… :thinking:

Joking. - Kind of. :wink:


:rofl::joy: Oh, I’m laughing my eye-balls out :joy:


Just out of curiosity, did anyone experience an abnormal draught in June as well (until the middle-20th of June, I think) for the sales to pick up mad (and also abnormal) speed in 20-30th period?

I wonder if it’s shaping up to be a pattern.


@lenasemenkova Bit different. This June, the start was normal-ish, then there was a very visible spike from June 10-16, then it went to worse than normal-ish and bad for the rest of the month.
Last year, June wasn’t bad but not really good either, place 6/12, while July was my best month. So far, July is looking good this year too.

I’m not really sure how much the stats tell though, there are so many factors like taking out of office days and big orders, sometimes a single order can cause a very big spike and take care of half of the month.


We had exactly this.

We did however change our gig pricing on the 20th making our overall word-count rate a bit cheaper, so this could also have had an impact. But it’s interesting that the dates you’re talking about are EXACTLY the same that we noticed.


As soon as the IPO happened, my sales dropped off. It’s begining to pick up. This is the slowest it’s being since I started


It’s been slow this way for me as well. I did some marketing though at the end of June, and I saw a good increase in orders for the week in which it ran and a few days after, which was nice. It’s going to get me by through the end of July, and that’s all good for me. I may start another campaign next week, but I’m debating about it since school starts back for me in a couple of weeks.

If all goes well, I won’t have any bills coming out of my PP unless it’s extra come the beginning of September.


It was decent until this week and it’s just been completely silent. Just got to keep getting your gigs out there and keep applying to all the things.


I actually think it’s just lack of traffic. My search position has not changed much since the slow down in the middle of June. As to why I only have speculation on an influx of new gig’s as well as summer slow down. When people are on holiday they tend to window shop in their down time, but thats not reflecting in the statistics. You have to imagine that after the IPO (Going Public) everyone sat at a big table and said “so what we gonna do to maxizise profits?”
Clearly advertising Fiverr is not one of them right now with the massive increase of cash.

The search algorithm is awful. The gigs placed higher than mine are the ones with titles that don’t even make sense. Instead of “I will give you a Psychic reading” the ones that are placed say weird gibberish like “I will give love reading Psychic accurate” seriously? I hate this algorithm so much.