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Engineering Acronym

Hello All,

I would like to agree everyone is here to earn money. I thought of asking few questions to our engineering community. Let us move to acronyms used in engineering (Core engineering fields only.)

I have noticed few things like AutoCAD is written as Autocad here first one is correct one.
CAD is written as cad (wrong way to represent) Computer Aided Design.
CADD Computer Aided Design.and Drafting
3D is written as 3d (wrong way to represent) 3 Dimensional
2D is written as 2d " 2 Dimensional
units of length have been written by so many wrong ways.

Suggest us these are ok and good to go ahead
(even fiverr is using like what i said in the above examples.)

Thanking You,


If you’re talking about in gig titles it’s because all gig titles have to be lower case.