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English not Spanish

Somehow my settings have been changed to Spanish so I can’t respond to the person who created my logo.
I don’t speak Spanish so I can’t figure out what setting to change - HELP!

When you are logged in on scroll all the way down. There you will see a box in the bottom left corner where you can change the language. I hope that helps.

Actually I think this might be a bug cuz today when I login to my account the same thing happened to me, i.e. language is changed to Spanish. Though I had switched back to English again. LoL.

If you continue with this problem I can help you with the translation. :). JK. Or not. o0

Español o Inglés para quien esté en este foro es irelevante, no tiene importancia. Se entiende quienes ingresan aqui tienen el suficiente entendimiento o universo para poder entender lo que se escribe en ambos idiomas. Piensen q el internet es a nivel mundial y no de determinada región.

English Please!