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English Phrases

English is not my first language and my English is poor.

I have lost many buyers because of that.

I want some common phrases to use them in different situations (Order,Revision,Delivery,…).

Please Help Me!


It would be a great idea to have a nice running thread of common English phrases - or maybe someone should make a gig for a book that could be downloaded.

These might be helpful - :slight_smile:



Thanks for getting in touch. Please send me the following details about the project so we can gig the gig ordered -


Hi, please find your requested work attached. I really enjoyed working on the gig for you. Please let me know of any problems and I will sort them out before we complete the gig. If all is OK, please complete the gig and leave feedback. Many thanks!


Hi, could you please give me as many details concerning your revisions as possible, so I can make sure I get it right for you.

Hi, I have completed the revisions that you requested. Hopefully all is OK for you now. Please let me know if not. If all is OK, please now complete the gig. Thank you!

Just look for someone locally or a friend that knows english and run your communications by them before you post and you’ll be ok. If not just reach out to someone on social media such as fb or twitter and give them something each month via paypal.

Thanks for your order. Let me know if any adjustments need to be made. I would like it to be perfect for you!


Landon Grace

Thanks for allowing me to make adjustments to your project. Let me know if any additional adjustments need to be made. I would like it to be perfect for you!


Landon Grace

I would use your name.

Send any other messages you need to send and I will send them through the “Landon” filter.

Reply to @landongrace: Thank you

While this is not the best way to deal with people. You should consider improving the language for replying in different situations and understanding what a client needs. You can learn online. Or watch movies with subtitles. In fact watch everything in English with subtitles. Watch movies with audio in your own language with English subtitles.

It is not my first language either and they don’t make us scholars in schools . The above points were what I kept doing and I didn’t realize when I started improving and was able to communicate well.

Wish you good luck.

Copy and paste your clients’ instructions on a free translator like Babel Fish.

Reply to @parsdes:


Thank you so much for contacting me, always happy to help.

Please let me know if you need anything else, i will be glad to help.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Google translate also works as a free translator.

ARe you really loosing buyers because you do not ave proper English phrases or is it more because you are not fully understanding the clients questions or instructions?

Your note here reads just fine. We know English isn’t your native language but it is clear and fine. So while it may be helpful to maybe place your own order to buy a copywriting gig and have someone rewrite your copy or your profile, but a few phrases isn’t always going to help with each individual buyer and their instructions.

Thank you my friends

really helpful thank you.

This thread was started a long time ago and the original poster no longer has an account here.