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Yeah, but by the way what’s with this multi-view, stadium view etc.? New way of watching EPL…you guys had that before or are they trying out new things for this season?

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On a scale of 1- Ridiculous, how O/T did you plan on going on that thread?

Not sure what you mean though, I think its been around for a good while


Well, first time here…wanted to know if it is a new thing or not. Sorry for O/T…

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No worries.
United looking good - still cant believe we gave them Matic…

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Chelsea have been ridiculous…they lost the title in the off-season, even before a ball was kicked. Don’t think it’s Conte’s fault. I think they are short of money, Abramovich not so rich anymore, eh? [Conte should move on, this job is beneath him now.] [He should quit before his reputation tumbles this season, like poor Ranieri’s]

Not so ridiculous now, eh?

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We can judge after 5 matches…let’s see.

Well, if United can be praised for beating 2 teams with no defenses, we can celebrate ending a team’s 19 home game unbeaten run

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mancity all the way lads

That should be a good game tonight actually

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yeh it will cant wait for it

just a question are u irish your name sounds irish

Yes, I am Irish from the midlands

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nice! i am aswell living in the republic

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(Sorry, had to use 20 characters)

dammit!! i hate shrek!!!

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Fair result in the end. City looked good tho

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yeh twas a really good match who do u support man u?

Chelsea - the real blues

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yeh not bad they are doing good but they are no where close to other teams XD kante is like the only good thing there