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"English" rating for sellers?


Hi all,

When I was in New Zealand few months ago, my flag on fiverr changed to “New Zealand”. I used to have way many orders than now.
Some buyers used to tell me that they have chosen me since I am in New Zealand and can speak English fluently unlike other sellers.

Now im back to my country, Jordan. My sales relatively doped down compared to what I used to have while I was in New Zealand. Some buyers asked me whether I have graduated from the “west” as my English is beyond what is expected form an Arab :grimacing:, but that is completely irrelevant.

There are many sellers here on fiverr from “not English speaking countries” but they can speak English very well. And from some sellers’ feedback, buyers tend to trust or prefer dealing with sellers from English speaking countries, especially when it comes to English content.

That is why some sellers here use fake location, to tell sellers that they are from English speaking countries, mainly the US. Plus, that is why other freelancing platform offer so called “English tests” for sellers as indirect way to tell the buyers how good is your English as a seller. However, despite these “English tests” on other platforms, and the “fake locations” here on fiverr, some buyers complain about the communication with some sellers who suppose to be located in English speaking countries.

SO, how about finding a solution for this, if you think it is an issue? A way to tell the sellers, hey, this seller can speak English! Don’t judge based on his/her location.
Since I don’t like these “English tests” for buyers, how about adding a new line in the feedback to rate how good is the sellers’ English?
Although you can argue that this is already included in the “Communication with sellers” rating. But I think we need something more specific.
What do you think?



I think it will be way too complicated if every buyer have to review seller’s English skill each time they finished an order which leads to buyer not leaving a review at all. Also, It’s not relevant to every category. Maybe you can provide a document in your portfolio gig that could represent your English skill? Because otherwise we can’t stop buyer to judge based on seller’s location, I think it’s their right to do so.


Won’t help much plus there’s already a lot on fiverr’s plate at the moment with these bugs running rampant on the site. I was born in an area of the US where there are multiple dialects of American English. The top dialects spoken in my area are: future tense, past tense, backwards tense and ‘I have no idea what you’re saying’ followed by proper grammar.

Is this an exaggeration? I really wish it were but it isn’t. Besides, a good judge of one’s ability to communicate will show in responses to buyer inquiries.


You can use a video intro for your gigs. I often pick writers based on their video because you can’t really trust descriptions.


It’s a valid problem, and I percieve also that my location has changed to Hong Kong, and I think people do not trust sellers from this geography, US is preferred.
I can also imagine searches also use geo-relevancy.
The bigger question is: How to “edit” your location? Fiverr gives vague answers on this and claims it does not matter what my location is. (but, it if does not matter, why can’t a user edit it? What is I want to be from the Moon?)


I had the wrong country listed and customer support corrected it a while ago. This was a few years ago, so I’m not sure how it would work now.


I’d add an option to attach international language certificates to the profile (I have IELTS one I can verify).

Regarding adding a separate rating for the language, I think “communication with the seller” kind of covers that already.


you can add an option to attach international language certificates to the profile which may help u get lot of order and get five in communication


Thin end of the wedge - if you start asking sellers for some sort of language certification, what other sorts of qualifications might be asked for?


Why not just contact a seller if you have a doubt about if they are fluent in English? Or better yet find another seller? You shouldn’t need to go to these lengths usually, as it’s obvious from a gig if they are fluent in English. You can always ask for a refund too if they can’t communicate.


Also, honestly, if they want to reject your services based purely on where you’re from (and I’ve been on a receiving end of that myself), language level won’t be the main factor.


it was very helpful thnx for your help


Its not a “right” to judge people though :confused:
when you change your mobile number, your location will be changed.
Im against these certifications anyway, I was thinking of another way around. Rating by buyers?


I love this idea. Between this idea and writing your gigs clearly and verbosely you should be in good shape. Don’t be afraid to add a well-written paragraph to the end of your gig description.

I would suggest using a clean-cut photo of yourself, maybe in business attire, rather than the cartoon logo you have now. The cartoon is really cute but it might be giving off the wrong vibe.

Also be careful of your gig titles, @kha1ed - for example “I Will Create 2d Cartoon Explainer Animation Video” - if you don’t have “I will create a 2d explainer” instead of “I will create 2d explainer” it’s giving off a vibe of poor English. Maybe you did it that way because of character limits or because of keywords, but that’s the impression is gives.

These are just little suggestions, though. I personally think your whole set up is fantastic as is, but if you want a pointer or two, there they are.


A good idea, but you’d be depending on buyers with differing levels of English themselves to judge that of the sellers. That could cause its own problems. :wink:


I have contacted them a few times over the years, and they always told me straight, it cannot be changed. First it was the country where I registered, (canada), then they told me it’s changeing where I log in from most (not true, I spent 2 years in HK, it stayed Canada, and it changed to HK 1 year after I left HK). So they are definitely not telling us something.
And of course, we don’t even know if this matters at all, these are all just theories


I think it matters to some buyers, especially now that you have country filter.
It even matters to me when I’m looking for a writer. I would like to say that it doesn’t matter, but the fact is that when I hire a writer from a country where English is native language, I get better quality work. It’s not a rule, just statistics based on my own experience.

I do have some writers from other countries, but in that case I’ve vetted them through this forum, videos, blogs and whatnot.


OK, I wanted to change my phone number to see if it really changes my location.
I get a message “There’s something wrong with this number” and it won’t call me, won’t text me.


The only negative reviews I have had in Proofreading and Translation are from non-native English speakers who think they know English better than I do. They were wrong in every case so this idea will not work.
It is up to the buyer to satisfy themselves about who they work with BEFORE they order.


It won’t change, at least that’s my experience so far. I was told the same by CS that it would change based on the country you logged inthe most recently.

I’m travelling the world and so far I’ve been in several different countries (with multiple phone numbers) and my profile still says Thailand, which was the country I was at when I registered on Fiverr.

It never really bothered me, but upon learning we now have a country filter it may be time to revisit this issue.