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English (skills) test would not load and now I need to wait 92 days to retake it?

I just attempted to take the English skills test and it opened a separate window where no test loaded, I literally just received a message full of code. I closed it, and now Fiverr wants to make me wait 92 days to retake a test I was never even able to start taking. Help??

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Try clearing your browser cache, cookies, temporary files on you system and then login again.

Hope you know this!!
There is a 1 day waiting period between test retakes. You can only take a test twice in a three months time window.


Will try. In this case, there is a 92 day waiting period apparently. And yeah, the annoying thing is I didn’t even look at/begin to take the test. Anyway, thanks for the advice!

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Nope, that didn’t work. Still 92 days. Grrrr.