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English Test Bug Help!

Hello! I’m setting up Fiverr as my only way of income right now. When I made my first gig, it opened the basic English test, but said “ticket expired.” It didn’t even let me get to the first question. When I reloaded it, it said the same thing. I tried switching browsers, reconnecting my internet, but now I’ve apparently failed it twice and have to wait 91 days, even though I never got a chance to start!
Someone please help?! Can someone tag Fiverr support or something… this is really discouraging!


You can contract CS. They will help u

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Thank you! How do I contact them? I couldn’t find a number and it’s been a while since I submitted a help request with no response.

Hi there,
Generally, Fiverr English test is very easy. One can qualify it in the very first attempt. If it is not cleared in 2 attempts, one has to wait for 3 months and start again. Even after 3 months wait, you can’t begin the test, this bug is what can be solved by the Fiverr’s Customer’ Support.

One thing must remember that be prepared before appearing in test. Tutorials are available on youtube, do practice a little and you will easily qualify the test.

Best of luck

Here you go


Welcome to the forum! Have fun. Best wishes :v:


I agree! I had a 97% graduating English average and am positive I can ace it, it just wouldn’t even let me start the first question!

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This is clearly a bug/error of some sort.

Fiverr’s test end is very unstable. I have apparently “failed” tests I’ve never even clicked on to begin with in my entire life, and one I completed even didn’t fully register on my profile. :joy:

This said some people accidentally close/minimise/press the wrong button at the end of the test in the window, but yours is another story. Ask for CS and patiently wait a week or so for the answer, and try to open up any other gig that you’re comfortable with which doesn’t require any tests.

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This seems an error that’s why I asked you to consult the Fiverr Customer Support. You have already excellent performance in English, so it is not the issue but the bug itself.
Wish you all the success.