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English test error

Hi, I was taking the English test when I unfortunately experienced a network interruption and the exam could not continue with the test. After the 24 hour wait time, I tried to do the test again, but when i got to that page I was informed that I now had to wait for 90 days.
Please, what can I do?


WAIT FOR 90 DAYS and TRY AGAIN AFTER…then try to use a better network signal this time.

All the Best


You should never take this path.


Doing that will get you banned permanently from Fiverr. Super duper bad advice :poop: :poop:


If you take test in publishing the gig it will show more times to again exam but if you take test profile skill test it will be retake after 24 hours first time may be

Thank you @devsakwib. I followed your suggestion and it worked. I was able to take the test again, but it seems it has not yet been updated to my profile because whenever i go back to the gig, it still tells me that the test is pending.

Thanks all for your suggestions

It doesn’t show in skills… Its only for gig…