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English Test problem!?

Hi there.

Hoping someone can offer me some advice? I have recently signed up with Fiverr and eager to get started. After creating my first gig, it did not allow me to publish it at the English Test page. It states “Your Gig will remain in draft mode until you complete this test. Please wait 87 days to retake this test.”. Problem is, I have never taken the test so it is frustrating I need to wait this long.

I have contacted support, but yet to hear anything back. This is the 4th day.

Thanks for reading


did you completed all your profile details?

Hi Masud. Yes, as far as I can see.

Most of the people facing the problem because of their profile isn’t 100% complete.

I’m having a similar problem, I wanted to take the english test after i finished my first Gig but the pop-up glitched or something and I don’t have the option anymore. And when I clicked the link I got this

I’ve taken the test just a moment ago. Only 2 questions were given to me, but only one question appeared on the screen and I answered it correctly. Then press the end test button. Unfortunately, it is shown that I failed and have to wait up to 92 days! But I don’t understand why they gave me only one question rather than two and count two questions that shows my result fail! what should I do now?

I also faced a problem in the Fiverr English test and also requested to Fiverr but no response till…what should I do?

I also got the same problem and all two tests are now over. i have to wait for 90+ days. Seems this is an issue in the system. we should have opportunity to take the test again without waiting for long.