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English Test Score to my Test Area in Profile

I passed my Fiverr English Test before creating my first gig with a 9.5/10. I was hoping that I could have this added to my profile instead of having taken it over again. I have a screen shot of the result and test number. Do I have to contact CS to add this for me? Am I allowed to post screenshots of my test results in the gig?


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It’s already on your profile, but it displays differently on the public side.

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Hello, I checked it out and that is the other English Test I took today and got an 8.5/10. The Fiverr English Test is mandatory when you first sign up. At one point it did show up, but not any longer. I guess I can reach out to CS to see if they can do anything.

Do you think it makes sense to put pictures of the test scores in the gig?

First of all, I like you to know, the English test is mostly for Fiverr to appraise your English competency if you say you deliver jobs using the English language. That’s to say, it is more like your entrance Exam to work on some niche - especially the writing niche - on Fiverr.

Secondly, It has a section where it is beautifully placed in your profile page. That’s where it is meant to appear. It is not supposed to appear in any other place. Therefore, there is no need adding it to your gig description.

Do you like to see it sitting on your profile page? Do let me know, I will show you how to find it.

Finally, don’t bother about your English test since you already passed, go on and create amazing gigs and start making money on Fiverr.

Good luck.


First off, thanks for the enthusiastic response. I am new and still trying to figure out what is the best way to market my service amongst the throngs of other great writers like yourself. I can see the test score on my profile, I wasn’t sure if I should take the other tests, not sure if they even matter. Just trying to validate my experience with the quality writing I produce. Competition is stiff so the only way I will succeed is by writing quality content and being consistent with every gig I am hired for.

I see you have several gigs on your profile, I was actually reading several of your gigs to see how you approached attracting customers. I understand it’s a waiting game and my chances can be improved by fine tuning my gigs and participating in the forums. I have been doing this for just five days and received one request and two scams. Hopefully, my gigs will surface to the top of one of these categories.

Thanks again!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Wow! Five days on Fiverr and you already got a request? You are doing great already. Now about the scams, that’s normal! They will always come. Sometimes, they will offer you jobs that will make you work your ass out for $5. I recommend you give some a trial just so you can grow.

Thanks for going through my gigs. Sales are generally low but I pray the pandemic goes away and we get our world back.

I wish you happy working on Fiverr.

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Thanks again for your positive response. I would like to ask if you could look at one of my gigs and let me know what you think? Just curious if I am in the right ballpark when it comes to creating gigs in the first place.

Yeah, I just did. Though I didn’t open through any of the gigs, maybe I will do that later as I am very sleepy already. It is past 1AM in my country.

I like you to understand that the clarity of your thumbnails - profile and gig images - are very essential in your gig ranking.

It is more professional to use your personal picture for your profile image. I am sure you can see me, but I can’t see you. It feels like I am talking to a flower :rofl:

Your gig images don’t depict what you do. In you your case, instead of those images on your gigs, please, replace them with your personal picture if you can’t get a banner.

Make your gig pictures enticing for a buyer to want to view what is on the other side.

I hope this helps?.

Good night, or good morning.

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Thank you again for taking the time. Great advice, I will look into it.


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Before I jump to my bed, I will suggest you replace this :point_down:

I have been writing and ghostwriting copy for the past twenty years. By day, I am an IT guru and in the evenings and spare time. I type frenetically on my laptop. I am also a father to three amazing sons who all have varying degrees of Autism. They say, “God gives you only that which you can handle!” For them and my wife, I am eternally grateful.

With this :point_down:

About Me

I am a professionally published author, and I have ghostwritten, proofread,

and edited documents for years. I enjoy pouring over words with a fine-tip

red pen.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your work before we begin. I want to make sure I am the right editor for you.

That last part is not necessary on the gig description.

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Welcome! :grinning:
How can I view your gig? no link.

@forcopywriting for me its also past 2. I thought I’m the only one who is insanly up at this time. :crazy_face:
But i go to bed soon.

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I think your profile description is fine as-is. Just throwing that out there.

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