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English to French translation

Hi guys ! English to French translator here!

Just to let you know that I am new here and trying to make myself known on fiverr.

Being a new translator, I don’t have any previous works (portfolio) to provide you with. To reassure you.
So basically, when it comes to buying my Gig… it would amount to walking in the fog with arms outstretched, right?

The answer is no.
° First of all : I am a French native speaker. I know French and how to write it.
° I am in love with the English language. And have been studying it for the past 10 years.
° I know that you, clients, are the best advertisement possible. Hence the absolute necessity to satisfy you. (Word of mouth you know).

And satisfying your translation needs I will, if I am given a shot.
Might be more points to enumerate, but let’s keep it simple.
Hoping to make lots of new acquaintances in the future! And read from you !

Thank you for reading me


For those of you that are interested :

Hi again !

As it would be a waste of space to post every new gigs in different topics, I post them all in that one. I will delete that post every week and post it anew to refresh the topic, again in an effort to preserve space.

For those of you that want me to proofread their texts in French :

And those that want me to proofread their translations in French :

Thank you all for reading me!