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English traffic

I just bought a gig for the first time and received thousands of hits in the first two days. Bad news is, they are all from soviet countries where most do not read english, or have need for my product. How do I know if a seller will send U.S. and Western Europe traffic?

I would just go through the sellers, they should tell you where the traffic is coming from, if not I would just ask the seller before purchasing the gig, if they don’t get back to you in a timely manner, then choose another seller.

Buying traffic is blackhat marketing, And big business… Most of the time you will get low quality views this because most sellers are here for the quick dollars…

It works the same with fb likes, Youtube views etc…

Most of the sellers are re-sellers who buy the traffic to resell on fiverr

I don’t recommend to rely on these marketing tools, most of the time they damage your effort to build a steady business.

Yes, that is true. It’s because people do just want to earn quick dollars, so they give services worth only the pay they get. We understand that. I myself do not want to do too much for $4 ($1 from 5 goes to Fiverr and they deserve it). But I see doing something of quality for customers would be worth it too! That’s why I got my services here offered, not that much tedious and brain draining but quality :slight_smile: