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English versus English (UK)


Here’s one for any UK folks.

When I joined, I put my language as English (UK), as that’s what I speak & write (supposedly!).

Tonight I decided to search for one of my gigs using keywords - up she pops.

Then I decided to use filters to reduce the numbers a bit - when I changed the language to English, my gig disappeared. There is also no option for English (UK) to be chosen.

Hm - I’ve changed my language choice to English, and I’ll check again later to see if it’s made any difference.

Anybody else had this? I just assumed English would cover both forms.


it has to be ENGLISH ENGLISH…


It looks like it! @djgodknows


Is there that much of a difference between US & British English?

I used an editor from Australia once. She caught a major “foo pah” no one else caught. She did great job, but went on vacation and never came back.


Offence and offense is one example pointed out to me tonight! Colour, color etc.

There seems to be a difference as far as the Fiverr search is concerned - I’ve added English to my profile as well as English (UK) and I’m hoping it might update soon.

I’ve asked CS as it seems English (UK) doesn’t have a value when searching at all.


I actually did deliver 2x the same (same minus different spelling for 3 or 4 words) file to a customer some time, because they hadn´t specified what they wanted, and I figured it was faster to just search+replace the few words and send both instead of asking and waiting for a reply.
I usually translate English > German though, my gigs are all for that, so I don´t have the ‘problem’ often.

I think I put UK English, but my tags only have ‘English’ and as far as I´m aware the filter only says ‘English’ too, hm.

There are quite a few differently spelled words and terms, and depending on what someone wants to do with the text it can be pretty important I´d say.


For my gigs, it’s not so much the content being language dependent, it’s just my place or lack of it, in the search if a language filter’s applied.


Yes, that´s really interesting, I did think about it briefly some time when I saw someone who had both English and English UK (or US, forgot which) in their profile as languages, but forgot about it again, but maybe that was the reason.


What keywords would I use to search for your gigs? I want to look.


Try funny cat video - I’d be interested to see if you find something different to me.

Thanks in advance!


Well, I got what I´d expect when I search for an English ‘funny cat video’, tons of minion videos, a handful of cat videos, a spanish testimonial video. Didn´t see anything from you.


oh em geee
I just read this line and a cat howled 3 TIMES right outside…!!! :open_mouth:


Mine’s the one that says ‘…exclusively on Fiverr’ on the monitor screen BTW - sorry - I didn’t make it easy for you - try running the search without any filters, and then click on English.



I just read your message and my cat did something horrible in the litter tray - back in a mo!


2nd row 3rd gig. … drumroll… English and…gone.


What have you gotten us into??

cat voodoo stuffffff… !!! :open_mouth::scream:


Not just me then!

Thank you so much for your help @miiila!


Wow. Really interesting. I went through all 12 pages, it wasn´t there (the Spanish testimonial btw I noticed now is a catchy Spanish testimonial, so I guess that explains that mystery at least).
Then I turned off English and turned on online sellers, voilà, your cat gig 1st row 1st place.


Must be a bug - I’ll wait and see what CS says - thank you so much!


Post what they tell you, please, really interesting that.