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Has anyone else noticed how many people claim to speak English on fiverr but it becomes clear very quickly that they can barely speak the language?

I’ve seen gigs offered that essentially said, "I be write four you goodly. Hire me please now!"

I am learning Spanish right now, so I know how difficult it is to speak another language. But I know that I don’t speak Spanish very well and, therefore, don’t offer any gigs in Spanish! I don’t claim to be capable of doing a translating gig, for example, because I know I am absolutely not capable of doing that.

It’s called self-awareness!

Why are there so many sellers on this site who don’t have a drop of self-awareness? Why lie about being able to speak English to a buyer?

It just baffles me.

Here endeth the rant.

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¿Hablas Español? Yo tambien
Jokes apart, this issue has been bothering me too. So many grammar mistakes in a writing gig. It’s funny how people even have the courage to offer such services when they can barely do it.

I think part of the problem is that some people were just spoiled as they grew up and now they assume everything they do is awesome. I know that sounds like the typical rant of an old man complaining about “these kids today”, but I really think it is true.

They are fully self-aware that they don’t speak English :slight_smile: (*or the dozen other languages they list), they do it for three reasons.

English is the most commonly used language on the internet - if they can use it well enough on a gaming forum, they use it here.

Generally they are in areas that have a lower cost of living to primarily English-speaking locales - they want to attract the attention of English speakers because of the assumption that they will spend more for less.

The bulk of writing gigs here are sold for money-making purposes; fake reviews, keyword-soaked promo content, etc… A huge portion of those gigs are ‘spun’ content, not originally crafted, so they sell to the presumably wealthiest market who largely don’t care about the quality anyway.

*They will use whatever search terms they can even vaguely get away with to appeal to the largest potential audience.

I don’t really know how to write this without sounding totally rude, but here it is anyway: a lot of buyers aren’t looking for sellers that can write quality English content. They just want, like itsyourthing said, some content that’s kind of in English but contains their keywords–thinking that will help their SEO (which it won’t).

So, if some buyers don’t really care about quality, but just want content for cheap, they can get 1000 words from a seller who kind of speaks English for $5, rather than having to pay twice or maybe three times that for the same amount of content from someone who actually speaks the language, whether as a native or has just achieved fluency (which I hear is hard–learning English seems like it would be really hard).

I took German all through high school and am still working on learning it now and when I see a buyer’s request in German, I think hey, I know German…but let’s be real, I speak German at the level of a native speaker who’s about five years old–if that. But if someone was looking for some really crappy German content, I could give it to them.

Why do they do it?


I don’t mind if people speak English or not as long as they get the job done. For content writing I would of course check their description more closely to make sure they are up for the job. But in general, if it’s a logo or coding or something like that, the only thing that matters to me is the quality of the work.

I admit it irritates me when sellers have poor grammar and don’t have a command of English, and also whenever I see terrible writing on any website. I leave that site immediately.

Alas, it doesn’t really matter. Sellers with a poor command of language (any language) sell plenty of writing gigs. It’s the same as spam, most people hate it and blacklist anyone who does it, BUT there are enough people who respond positively to it, or folks wouldn’t keep doing it.

As long as a person is making money, they generally don’t give a monkey’s backside how they do it; the same as there are people who will buy crap, if it’s cheap enough.

Also, it depends on where they are from and what resources they have. Some people actually think they do speak fairly decent English and have no idea. If they took an English class in school and passed, they probably think they are doing ok.

I’m far more bothered by the ones that claim to speak 5 or 10 languages. Really? You’re telling me you’re from Vietnam and speak German, Russian, Spanish, French, and Hungarian? How did that happen?

Bad English is understandable, English is the language of the web, the universal language. Ironically, I did have an issue with a German buyer that gave instruction in really bad, broken English, he had German words mixed with English and everything. So I used google translate to tell him that he should use google translate to give me instructions. He did, and I was able to do the job.

fastcopywriter said: So I used google translate to tell him that he should use google translate to give me instructions. He did, and I was able to do the job.

hahahahaha that is awesome

Reply to @dasoldierman32: I think what you say is perfectly true, but it’s not that relevant on Fiverr - most of 'em, know they aren’t awesome, they just want to make money however they can. If that means lying or exaggerating, they’re gonna do it as long as some chump or fellow swindler’s willing to pay for the ‘stuff’.

Reply to @emasonwrites: It’s nice that you tried to not sound rude. I may try that sometime. :wink:

Reply to @dasoldierman32: Funny and true!

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Google translate can be a real job-saver in this day and age. And when it does get it wrong, which it does, it’s usually pretty amusing. :slight_smile:

Reply to @itsyourthing: I’ve done a lot of translations/adaptations into Spanish with it. You still need to speak the language there, and polish it a bit, but it’s so much easier than translating word for word, it also saves time, but you still need to know the language. So I can only imagine what I gave him in German, I don’t speak German.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I’m sure whatever it was, it was FAR superior to if you’d hired out for a German translator on Fiverr. :wink:

Reply to @itsyourthing: Oh, the job was my usual brand name creations, he hired me, but barely spoke English. So we had to cancel. Eventually he got someone else to write his instructions in English, or use google translate, I’m not sure how he did it.