Enhance the Gig Requirements Section


To make an easier and smoother customer experience for our clients, would you allow us to post Video or audio explanations IN our Gig Requirements?

Example: For my voiceover gig, I am developing a direction video that I want each customer to watch so that it helps them give me better direction and prevent unnecessary revisions to their orders. Before they can complete the order, I want the site to show them the video while they complete the order requirements, so that they give the necessary details.


Sounds like a swell idea, but I doubt it would be practical.

What you are pitching right now is extremely advanced, when compared to the broken requirements section we now have.

Allow me to elaborate:

I set a multiple choice question for the buyer.
“Would you like for me to show an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy model phone in your video?”

And the buyer completes the form -and the system accepts it as valid- when the buyer submits the following:
“I needs a red ferrari plz. k? thx”

so maybe we should fix what’s there and then see what’s next.


They could also put conditions on the requirements section questions, because right now the same questions are asked no matter which of the 3 packages a seller may have chosen. eg. Fiverr could allow you to specify that this question is only relevant to these packages (eg. Premium and Standard, but not to Basic). Or it could allow you to exclude certain questions (but not others) depending on the offer sent to the buyer.

Or you could add some sort of fields/tags to the packages (and any extras) and the questions asked in the requirements section could be based on those fields/tags (whether they exist/are set in the packages or what they are set to).

Also I think “Video or audio explanations IN our Gig Requirements” is a good idea (I think especially video) and may be useful for some questions (eg. to give examples of what the various options could look like). Though I’m not sure if a lot of people would use it.


yes YES YES.

A million times that.