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Enlighten me or laugh with me

This isn’t completly a rant, I just need some enlightment. So I had a regular customer and for reasons I won’t get into, today I decided to stop making business with them. They weren’t happy at all and now are threatning to get my account banned. Would you take a look at that!

Here’s what they wrote: “Ok, so I want you to take down any thumbnails that I paid for on your Fiverr because of privacy reasons or I will be personally contacting Fiverr because I want nothing to do with you anymore.”

So this guy wants to get ME banned if I don’t take down work that I DID and that he paid for on Fiverr? My question is, is this even possible? :joy:

Enlighten me or laugh with me at how pathetic this sounds


Is this work in your live portfolio? If it is, I think you’ll have to contact CS to get it removed.

They must be mad if they’re personally contacting Fiverr rather than getting the butler to do it. :wink:


I believe some of it is, I have to check. I did post it outside of Fiverr but I believe I have the right to share my own work :joy: Correct me if I’m wrong!

It’s pathetic really

As per Terms of Service, once the order is completed and paid for, it belongs to the buyer (unless otherwise specified in the gig description).


Guess I’ll have to take those down then, thank you for answering!


When you add a sample to the delivery, the buyer has the option to accept that the sample will be shown on your Gig, or refuse. So if they accepted, I don’t think they have the right to ask you to take it down.

On the other hand, if you posted it without their permission, you’re the one in the wrong and you should take it down.

Just disable your live portfolio and contact CS to ask how you can remove items from it before you activate it again.

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I already took down everything outside the portfolio. Either way, at the time the buyer was more than willing to let me show my work on my socials so I dont think anyone is in the wrong here. I already contacted the cs so they can deal with the ones on my portfolio since I don’t have any control over those

My bad, I meant that if the buyer declined the option to show their work on your gig when you delivered and then you added their work on your gig anyway, that would be your fault. But I see that’s not the case so it’s really unfortunate.

I’m sure the buyer told you it was okay to post their work on social network, but unless you made them sign something official I’m afraid word-of-mouth-contracts are not binding and if they take back their word you can’t really do anything about it :confused:

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I had regular buyers threatening me after I decided to stop working with them (for objective reasons). Some people just can’t take rejection.


This is the first regular buyer I had to let go, it really brought out the worst in them :sweat_smile:


I’m slowly raising my prices on here but I have many returning buyers for which I still keep old prices (for now) and I really have no idea how to break it to them when the time comes. I mean it would be a shame to lose them but it’s their right to go for cheaper sellers if they want, I’m more scared of angry reactions or threats.

One lady told me: “I am the reason you have work on fiverr, I recommended you to all of my friends!” Then she proceeded to decline my order cancellation requests and pretend that she meant to accept them but was so distressed by my cruelty that she kept hitting the wrong button.

I contacted CS, canceled through them, and blocked her. We completed 27-30 orders together. That was fun. :slight_smile:


Now that’s rude :joy: I’m glad everything was okay afterwards

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You just raise the order prices and those who are not comfortable with it just won’t come back. I personally inform, like, 2 of my favorite clients. One of them always says: “No worries, I’m glad that the business is good”. Most people are reasonable, try not to worry about it too much.

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abusive behavior 101


Good luck with your former regular buyer. I hope they move on to torture another unfortunate soul as soon as possible. I’d prefer them not to torture anyone, of course, but certain people just can’t help themselves.