Enough being tolerate, let's do some action. (about PayPal disputes)


After 8 months on Fiverr I experienced having my money “stolen” because of Pay Pal dispute. I got two order from a person who behaved ok… no suscpicious signs from him at all. One order was an extra fast one. I delivered everything and got positive feedbacks from him, order completed, funds on clearing. But yesterday(after a week from extra fast order), i got an email from fiverr about pay pal dispute, cancelling order, refunding money… I didn’t know that something like that can happen… that any of buyers can actually scam fiverr and buyers so easily:( I’m lucky to have that order completed fast and easily, but now I’m afraid of serious work here… for example - 75$ order… or 100$. I’m frightened to spend days to complete the order and then loose money and realize that time was wasted:( Buyer is deleted from fiverr, that’s ok… he didn’t put dispute on both sales… I don’t know why. But what makes it impossible for him to register here again from another IP and scam us again? Punishment of banning profile, ip on fiverr is not enough I think.

I think it’s time to create some kind of blacklist, where we put info about scammers… all we know. Maybe someone descent can declare that info even to a larger circle of people on internet… so that people will be more afraid to scam people here. I know it might be a little too extreme, but feeling that your job is done… you spend time to be good and useful and you were just lied to, makes me desire such people suffer


The problem is that buyer already got what he wanted… video was delivered and order complete. even if dispute disappears and he’ll rejoin fiverr, why would he rebuy what he already has? (well, he might be a very fair decent man though… but I doubt it).

As for blacklist: of course information containing there should be firstly checked by fiverr editors… I suppose it might work if take it seriously.

I’ll try to monitor check google for some matches with advertising he may use in future… but why can’t I reply his dispute on PayPal. I know that fiverr doesn’t reply on disputes… that’s understandable - too much disputes maybe… but a seller is more interested in solving the problem… so maybe in someway he may take advantage and prove who’s wrong here? maybe by writing or calling paypal customers support after receiving disput ticket #


You can open up a dispute about this with paypal, if you have proof of work delivered you can get it reversed. Also if it’s a big job and they continue to use it after doing this you have the option to sue.


Reply to @finalstep: how can I open dispute on paypal when I don’t know his account there, no infrmation on the dispute details at all… advise please.


Reply to @bachas85: Yeah… dispute took place while funds were on fiverr… so I can’t reply with dispute too. As far as nothing can be done except waiting, how we, sellers, can secure ourselves from such scammers? Directing their info to customer support is useless as they delete their profiles anyway… and do nothing about dispute… no reply…